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ARIES 3.21 – 4.19
With champions drive, vibrant Aries thirst for excitement enlivens their days, heartfelt joy cherished with their trusted circle, onwards to their next adventure.

TAURUS 4.20- 5.21
Life moves around sensual Taurus, delighting their heightened senses, as they revel in beauty and enjoyment, refining their tastes, while firmly dedicated to their singular passion.

GEMINI 5.22- 6.20
Keen insights stir Gemini, leading down paths of discovery, winding together at unexpected junctions of delight as they imagine and share the colorful world of their own creation.

CANCER 6.21- 7.22
Loyal Cancer warms the hearts around them, giving grace and courage to their tribe, and savoring the comforting delicacies of retreat into their playful private paradise.

LEO 7.23- 8.22
Blazing ahead, lit by the magnetism and warmth of the sun within, brave Leo forges their own exalted path, harnessing willpower and creativity to claim their noble chosen destiny.

VIRGO 8.23- 9.22
Patiently, one after another, Virgo braids the strands of grace, duty, and discipline, savoring the delicate details, their own wild beauty artfully concealed and revealed.

LIBRA 9.23- 10.22
Delicately weighing their options, Libra dances between blas_ and provocative, tangos twixt daring and modest, and escapes elegantly before the song ends, on to a more lovely respite.

SCORPIO 10.23- 11.21

The potent will of Scorpio plunges them into the recesses of their soul, curiosity and passion drive them up again to the peaks of experience, all the while transforming, emerging ever stronger.


SAGITTARIUS 11.22- 12.21
In joyful celebration of life, the bold Sagittarius, courage abounding, quests for truth and vitality in the open skies so that they may soar freely to destinations unknown.

CAPRICORN 12.22- 1.19
Capricorn moves towards their goals, gracefully integrating within the whole to elevate and improve upon it, pausing to celebrate success with style and panache unparalleled.

AQUARIUS 1.20- 2.18
Forwards to the deepest precipices of personal truth and individuality, Aquarius both inspires and electrifies the souls around them, whilst standing firmly in their own resolve.


PISCES 2.19- 3.20
Riding waves of intuition and inspiration, swept away by torrents of desire, retreating into divine isolation, Pisces rejoins the world on the shores of love and compassion.


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