Blood Moon Fever

This week’s spectacular total lunar eclipse has electrified people, and media, around the world- and rightly so. It’s a very special eclipse. Eclipses happen four times a year, when the new moon and full moon are in synch with the moon’s nodes, which are the places where the path of the moon crosses the ecliptic. These rare events happen in pairs, twice a year. So the next pair of eclipses will happen in about six months, in March 2016.

All eclipses catalyze change and progress, but this eclipse is special for several reasons. To begin with, it is the fourth total lunar eclipse in a row, which is rare. This highlights the deep transformation that has been happening culturally and personally for many of us over the past few years. This is linked, amongst other things, to the potent Uranus/Pluto square that has been dominating the celestial climate for the past few year. But how we each deal with this transformational energy is a deeply personal experience, and there is nothing more intimate than the moon, which is how the eclipses make these larger trends more personal for us.

In astrology the moon symbolized our roots, our patterns, our history and our personalities- it shows our most intimate emotional needs and yes, cravings. We strive by the sunlight and yearn by the moonlight. During this eclipse the moon is at it’s perigee, meaning it is as close as it comes to earth in it’s orbit. This makes it appear 14% larger than during other full moons. And in every way, our needs and emotional patterns are being magnified right now.

The question is then posed: What is it that I need and desire and crave ? What old emotional habits am I falling back into ? It is time to outgrow those patterns of behavior and clear the space for new ways of being and relating in my life ?

All full moons deals with relationships in one way or another, as they are when the sun and moon are opposing each other and highlighting balance and compromise. This is even more true with this full moon eclipse since it falls in the signs of Libra and Aries, the signs that are associated with self (Aries) and partner (Libra). Our personal and professional relationship needs and habits are under the microscope right now and we would be wise to pay attention to the messages we are receiving.

Relationships forged in the next several weeks will have special power and significance. And old relationships that may have outlived their expiration date, may finally falter and fade away. The more honest we can be with ourselves about what is right for us, and move into new chapters rather than falling into old habits, the more empowered we will be and the more we can get out of this beautiful eclipse.