New Images of Pluto

NASA has just released brand new images of Pluto taken by their New Horizons spacecraft. These are the most accurate and close up images ever taken by the farther planet in our solar system.

Pluto was discovered in February 1930s, but astronomers had known of it’s existence for many years due to its gravitational pull. In 2006, Pluto was “demoted” to the status of a dwarf planet due to mostly to the fact that there are now many asteroids and dwarf planets known to circle the sun from that part of the Kuiper belt.

However, Pluto has not been demoted in astrology. It’s meaning echoes the important socio-spiritual changes that were happening at the time of it’s discovery- including the invention of the atom bomb. Hence Pluto is associated with death, power, destruction and transformation that is hidden but potent. Because of Pluto’s intense and secretive nature, it plays an important role in our self-growth, understanding our own hidden motivations and our personal power.