Astrology and Gay Marriage

Today is one for the history books! Let’s take an astrological look at today’s historic supreme court ruling making gay marriage legal in all 50 states. There are several important transits happening right now. The most significant is the culminating trines between Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus at 20/21 degrees of the fire signs Aries and Leo. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, harmony and diplomacy. Jupiter rules the law. And Uranus is the planet that is traditionally associated with freedom, rebellion, innovation and “unorthodox sexuality”.

Monday, June 22nd. Jupiter trine Uranus. 20 degrees Leo/Aries

Monday, June 29th. Venus trine Uranus. 21 degrees Leo/Aries

Wednesday, July 1st. Venus and Jupiter conjunct. 21 degrees Leo.

Uranus has been making it’s presence known in a very big way since moving into the assertive “I want it NOW” sign of Aries in 2011. Issues of individual liberties and freedoms have been stirring the proverbial pot and causing friction with the entrenched power elite, through a protracted square with the planet of hidden power, Pluto. Having made it’s last exact aspect in March 2015, the Pluto-Uranus square is winding down, but the sun and several planets in Cancer right now are re-activating it, as it will be activated once again in October 2015 when Libra transits similarly re-ignite the flames. We can expect any flare ups or controversies related to the ruling to fade away after October. But during these periods we can also expect that whatever has been “simmering” for the past few years may finally come to fruition, especially during positive supportive trine periods such as this one.

Wherever the law is concerned, the benevolent dictator Jupiter always plays an important role. It is no surprise then, that Venus and Jupiter are nearly exactly conjoined in the sky- in the sign of true love and romance, Leo. Their exact conjunction happens next week, on July 1st, during the full moon in Cancer/Capricorn which itself is symbolic of uniting the private (Cancer) and the public (Capricorn). And assisting these fabulous aspects is articulate, persuasive and open-minded Mercury, exalted in it’s own sign of curious Gemini, playing a supportive role through encouraging sextiles to Uranus, Venus and Jupiter in the fire signs. Mercury in Gemini is also associated with the news, and we can see clearly the groundswell of excitement and support that has so quickly spread via the traditional media, and social media.

Congratulations to all the lovers of every stripe, and every sign!