Pisces Drew & Virgo Cameron release new books!

Two of Hollywood’s most gorgeous, glamorous, and down-to-earth gals- bests friends Drew Barrymore and Camerion Diaz- are both releasing new books!

Pisces Drew’s book is a book of photography of images she has captured through the years of hearts- found in the most unlikely objects and places. The book, titled “Find it in Everthing” celebrates love. This could not be a more ideal book for a Pisces as it marries the Pisces love of art and photography with their incredibly romantic and loving nature!

Virgo Cameron’s book is a book about health and wellness titled “Body Book”. In it, Cameron seeks to “engage and empower women” with specific information about their bodies. Again, this could not be a more perfect fit for Virgo, who as an earth sign is most interested with the physical, tangible world and how to focus on service to others and fine-tuning one’s life.

As opposite signs, Drew and Cameron are a natural pair. Virgos and Pisces are deeply attracted to each other as they both are spiritual, giving and creative souls who seek to improve themselves and the world around them. Pisces are interested in doing it through emotions and art, while Virgos are more interested in making a practical contribution. And viola- both of these woman are making a perfect contribution that highlights their astrological talents and interests!

Another uniting factor between Drew and Cameron is that they both have the sign of Cancer prominent in their chart. Cancer is Cameron’s ascendant and Cancer is Drew’s moon sign. A prominent Cancer is great for all performers as it lends an emotional and changeable nature and makes one sympathetic.

From June 2013 until July 2014, lucky Jupiter is transiting Cancer bringing good luck to all those who has prominent Cancer planets or angles in their chart. So this is indeed the perfect time for both of them to be launching books and connecting with their audience!