Gemini Goddess Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is Harper’s Bazaar’s December cover girl. Inside, she reveals her very Geminian quality of egalitarianism. Of her choice to perform in a wide variety of roles she states, “I grew up around a lot of snobbism about what was important and what was serious, and I reject that.”

Gemini’s are curious about a wide variety of topics and can be fascinated- and learn from- both highbrow and mundane subject matter alike. It is truly the diversity of experiences and ideas that enriches Geminis life and helps them to articulate and define themselves.

Not to mention Natalie’s signature Gemini thirst for learning (Harvard grad!) and her gamine, youthful looks- Gemini women keep a girlish quality throughout their lives.

Fun Fact: Both Natalie’s husband, dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millipied, and their son, Aleph, are also Geminis!