The Heart of a Leo Man

Leo men are some of the most elusive and mysterious creatures in the zodiac. Unlike their reputation as a “look at me! Look at me!” sign, the Leo man actually has a love/hate relationship with attention. Unlike the Leo woman, who unabashedly relishes being the center of attention (look no father than Madonna and Jennifer Lopez for evidence), the Leo man wants others to admire him for the goodness of his heart, not just the bling that adorns it.

Madonna’s ex-husband Sean Penn is a perfect example of a Leo man. Very private about his personal life, he is a crusader for the poor in Africa and Haiti and it is here that he thrives.  Similarly, Jennifer Lopez’s ex-fiance, Ben Affleck, is also a Leo man. He scaled back up the heights in Hollywood in recent years to win the Best Picture Academy Award, and wants to be prized for his passion and dedication rather than his tabloid persona.

Why- you might ask- were both of these Leo men in love with these Leo women? Together, a Leo man and Leo woman, can make each other feel like the Kings and Queens of the world. Whatever world it is they happen to live in. They both excel in lavishing attention and gifts on others, and when their attention is turned to each other- every dramatic, romantic gesture is more over the top than the next. Until finally they exhaust one another.

In their younger years, many Leo men (including the two mentioned above) can be a bit wild, relishing their strong animal magnetism, and being bad boys. They have not yet uncovered their true passions and are thus getting the attention and acknowledgment they desire through acting out. Once they have found their calling, however, they tend to invest fully.

Thus, it is often only after they have found their true purpose and are successful, that they are able to fully commit as mates. Because until then they will look for as much admiration as they can get. But a Leo man who is satisfied with the contribution he is making is a happy man. And one who is capable of giving his heart fully and completely to a lucky lady.