HRH Prince George Alexander Philip of Cambridge

England’s tiny ruler has arrived!

The long wait for Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s child ended at 4:24 PM BST on July 22, 2013 when she delivered the couple’s son in London. Just hours shy of the full moon at 0 degrees Leo/Aquarius, the young Prince was born when the sun was in the very last degree of Cancer (29′) and the moon was at 28′ degrees of Cancer’s opposite sign, Capricorn.

As I mentioned in a recent post, it is no surprise the young George decided to make his debut on this day, as both William and Catherine were born on new or full moons. When you are born on a new moon, your sun and moon are in the same sign (like William whose sun and moon are both in Cancer). When you are born on a full moon, your sun and moon are in opposite signs (like Kate whose sun in in Capricorn, and whose moon is in Cancer).

We can immediately see the closeness of this family, with ALL of their suns and moon signs being Cancer and Capricorn. Not to mention the fact that both the baby’s paternal grandmother, the late Princess Diana, and maternal grandfather, Michael Middleton, are also both Cancer. George will very much take after his parents, with a strong family values, respect for tradition and inherent sense of caution and responsibility.

Cancer sun people are kind, patient, loyal, sentimental and nurturing. They are very influenced by their home life and their immediate surroundings. They seek comfort and are most relaxed in intimate environments. George will emulate his father, Prince William, as a true family man who maintains close lifelong friendships.

The moon sign shows our emotional nature, and with his moon in pragmatic Capricorn, Prince George will be closely emotionally bonded with his Capricorn mother Kate. Capricorn moon people are disciplined and ambitious. They naturally “don’t sweat the small stuff” and stay focused on large plans and goals. They are good work collaborators and faithful partners, who prefer similarly steadfast lovers.

Prince George’s ascendant is at 27′ Scorpio. Our ascendant shows how we will be perceived by the public and what our relationship with the outside world is like. With Scorpio on the ascendant, we see that George maintains a lifelong air of mystery. Scorpio rising people have a seductive, sexual air about them and use their keen talents of perception to forge intense bonds with others. Scorpio rising people are also very private and secret places for seclusion and contemplation are important to them. The fact that both is sun (at 29′ Cancer) and moon (at 28′ Capricorn) are in positive angles to the 27′ degree ascendant shows that he will be well received by the public and will have little trouble finding support for his goals. The baby shares this sign with his paternal grandfather, Prince Charles, whose sun sign in Scorpio.

With three more planets (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter) also in subtle Cancer, we can see even more clearly his cautious and sometimes indirect way of approaching life and leadership. Major decisions will not be made spontaneously and shouted from the rooftops! But will emerge slowly, in a well crafted and considered way (like his parents).

His Venus sign is Virgo, which in a man indicates the type of woman we are attracted to. He will admire women who are considerate, helpful and modest. With free-spirited Pisces ruling his house of romance and true love we can expect him to get swept away occasionally by passionate creative types. But with steadfast Taurus ruling his house of partnership he will end up in a stable and loving marriage. His parents were also married when the sun was in Taurus so we can see he will idealize their bond.

The unity in the Royal Family is quite amazing, astrologically speaking, and it’s affirming and exciting to see the youngest heir to the throne carrying on his family’s traditions!