When will the Royal Baby be born?

The entire world is anxiously awaiting the birth of the future King or Queen of England, due to be born any day now.

There are two astrological alignments that are prominent in the sky at the moment: The Cardinal Cross and the Grand Water Trine.

The Cardinal Cross dynamic, which has been active in one form or another since 2009 and will continue through early 2015, is the marker of our current turbulent era on the world stage- marked by unexpected (Uranus in Aries) power struggles (Pluto in Capricorn) and shifting social (Libra) and familial (Cancer) roles and norms. This is the changing world that William and Kate, and their child, will inherit as rulers. Not surprisingly it is very significant in the chart of the marriage of William and Kate (April 29, 2011. 11:20 AM BST).

The Grand Water Trine, on the other hand, is an aspect which is highlighted throughout the summer of 2013 but will be exact on Wednesday, July 17th. This aspect, of simultaneous harmonious grand trines between Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer is a very positive one. It bestows the ability to easily (Jupiter) translate lofty ideals (Neptune) into concrete results (Saturn). A very fine skill for a world leader!

Should the baby be born between 6:55 PM BST on July 18th and 7:38 PM BST on July 20th, the baby will have it’s moon in Sagittarius, which also happens to be the ascendant of proud Papa William. William’s ascendant is at 27′ Sagittarius, conjunct the planet Neptune at 25′ Sagittarius. This is very common for families to have strong astrological ties, and planets in the same area of the chart.

We can expect the baby’s sun/moon/rising signs, to be amongst the signs that are very dominant in the Royal Family Astrological Tree . Most well represented in the Royal Family are Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo.

If he is born before 4:56 PM BST on July 22nd, the sun is still in Cancer, a sign is heavily represented in the baby’s family. WIlliam has his Sun and Moon in Cancer, Kate has her Moon in Cancer, Camilla has her Sun in Cancer, and the late Princess Diana also had her Sun in Cancer. It would seem in keeping with tradition (and we know that royalty is all about tradition!) that the baby too will be born while the Sun is in Cancer. If the baby is born after the Moon leaves Sagittarius on 6:54 PM BST on the 20th through 7:06 PM on the 22nd,  it will have have the moon sign of Capricorn, the Sun sign of Kate.

Yet we cannot underestimate the importance of the upcoming Full Moon on July 22nd.

BOTH William and Kate were born on New or Full moons. Kate was born on the Full Moon Lunar eclipse of January 9, 1982 and William was born on the corresponding New Moon Solar Eclipse of June 21, 1981. While there is no eclipse this month, the Full Moon falls at 7:16 PM BST on Monday July 22nd- with the Sun is in early Leo and the moon in early Aquarius!

It would be HUGE deal if the young Prince or Princess was born on the July 22nd Leo/Aquarius Full Moon. Leo is the sign of royalty and leadership and both Leo and Aquarius are strong, stubborn, determined signs. This would be a very different personality from the more shy and gentle Cancer Sun. Leos have an intrinsic sense of purpose and self-worth and are comfortable in the spotlight. And the moon in rebellious Aquarius would harken back to Princess Diana (who had this moon sign) and was known as the People’s Princess. Moon in Aquarius people are very open and generous and love people, and in fact Kate Middleton has 2 planets, Mercury and Venus, in Aquarius as well.