The Great Gatsby

Spring’s most lauded film release is Virgo Baz Luhmann’s re-interpretation of the classic American novel, “The Great Gatsby”. Originally written in 1925 by Libra writer and socialite F. Scott Fitzgerald, the story unfolds over one summer in upper crust Long Island where a romanic outsider (the title character) goes to dizzying heights of excess to capture the fleeting attention of blue-blooded Daisy, “the one that got away”.

As a Libra air sign, concerned with manners, relationships and people, Fitzgerald’s narrative tends to emphasize the social nuances of the setting. The novel poignantly  juxtaposes the naive and hopeful mid-Western outsiders (Gatsby and Nick Carraway) with the jaded and careless dilettantes that inhabit the rich and elegant society of East Egg, namely Tom and Daisy Buchanan. Needless to say, the story is a tragedy.

Luhrman’s version is an interesting one. As a Virgo, he has paid pain-staking attention to the physical details of the settings and surroundings. Perhaps too much, at the expense of the more human side of the story.

With his endless optimism, romanticism and knack for re-invention, the character of Jay Gatsby is undoubtedly a Pisces. The shadow side of Pisces is illusion/disillusion and living in a fantasy world cut off from reality. All things watery are also the domain of Pisces, such as his history living aboard his mentors yacht, his rise to riches in the bootleg alcohol trade, his untimely aquatic demise, and the much emphasized bay of water that separates the homes of Daisy and Jay.

Intense and mysterious Scorpios are a water sign, like Pisces, and thus Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio is fairly well cast as Gatsby. Sensitive Cancer Tobey Maguire does the job as the earnest narrator Nick Carraway. And Gemini Carey Mulligan admirably takes on the difficult task of playing the alluring Daisy. With the Gemini knack for dualism she is able to portray Daisy as both sympathetic and shallow.