Ryan Gosling: Archetypal Scorpio Man

In a recent PEOPLE magazine cover story, gorgeous Scorpio Ryan Gosling was touted as “America’s Most Wanted Man”. Indeed Scorpio men tend to turn women into a tizzy, and they are quite aware of their effect.

Scorpio men are passionate, intense and driven. And as PEOPLE wisely noted, “sexy, secretive, mysterious and seductive” as well. Scorpio men (and women) tend to have issues with boundaries- they either want ALL of something (or someone), or none of it. Hence, they can seem icy and aloof to those who don’t strike their fancy, and almost overwhelmingly attached to those whom they admire or are intrigued by. In love, this all or nothing dictum also holds. Brief flings barely register emotionally for them, while love can consume them completely and they seek stable, and transformative, long term relationships.

Their female ideal is a woman of the Taurus archetype- slow, sensual, feminine and sturdy. Passion, but also reliability, is important to them. His relationship with creative Pisces Eva Mendes is a romantic departure from his pattern of dating strong stubborn women, namely fellow privacy-craving Scorpio Rachel McAdams and Leo Sandra Bullock. Pisces are sensitive and intuitive like Scorpio and Eva and Ryan connect on this level.

Other sexy Scorpio men who mesmerizes us include Ryan Reynolds, Josh Duhamel, Eric Dane, Ethan Hawke, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, and Leonard DiCaprio.