…and the Mayan Calendar…

Well.. the day is finally here.. December 21, 2012!!! Very exciting.

In the Mayan long count calendar (5,125 years long) we are now back at 0. The end.. or the beginning.. depending on how you look at it. The popular pop perspective on the end of the Mayan calendar is that the world is going to end. The popular holistic perspective is that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift in consciousness. That the true “Age of Aquarius” is finally upon us- a 2,000 year era- where life on earth becomes truly equal and free for all, an era of universal humanity as well as radical technological progress. The Mayans themselves actually had calendars and predictions extending beyond 2012, so there is little evidence they saw it as an apocalypse, but an important date none-the-less.

One of the most interesting theories of the Mayan calendar that I have read has to do with the theory of time acceleration- that during each of the major “re-set” points in the Mayan calendar, time actually accelerates. That our actual human experience of TIME is different than it was for people who lived thousands of years ago. With the technology we now have, and it’s pervasive impact in our everyday lives, this notion may not be as fantastical as it seems. So perhaps we are on the cusp of yet another massive technological breakthrough, that will remodel our lives, and our interconnections, yet again.

However you choose to celebrate or  interpret the Mayans (and their fascinating, ancient, and illuminating science), I wish you the very best in next ERA of your life!