What’s in a name?

Gorgeous Taurus actress Uma Thurman gave birth to her third child, a daughter, on July 15, 2012 and her fans have anxiously been awaiting news of the baby’s name ever since. It was announced this week that the little girl is Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Thurman-Busson, affectionately known to her friends and family as “Luna”. Anyone familiar with astrology will know that another name for the moon is Luna, and the moon is the celestial body that rules the sign of Cancer. Uma is certainly aware of this fact, as she has grown up in a Buddhist household, where knowledge of and belief in astrology is ingrained. Her eldest daughter, who is also a Cancer, is named Maya, another deeply spiritual name which references “the world of illusion” in which we dwell, only a manifestation and creation of the true spiritual world. Her son’s name is Levon, meaning “lion”.

Her fiance, Swiss businessman Arki Busson, is an Aquarius. And her ex-husband, Ethan Hawke, is a Scorpio. She clearly likes very strong, independent and original men. Her own sign of Taurus is gracious, determined and loving. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. How cosmically fitting that Uma’s first acting role was as Venus in “The Adventure’s of Baron Munchausen”.