Helen Gurley Brown, Fun Fearless Aquarius

Magazine editor extraordinare, Helen Gurley Brown, passed away this week. Born on February 18th, Helen epitomized many of the best qualities of independent and forward thinking Aquarius. Rather than bow to her era’s standards of “what was expected” of women, she envisioned- and helped create- a bright future for young ladies, full of career achievement and sexual liberation.

At the helm of “Cosmopolitan” magazine from 1965-1997, she gave women the support, and the know-how, they needed to break out of outdated cultural roles. Aquarians are visionaries and are extremely dedicated and focused. They tend to be single mined in their commitment to certain things and difficult to sway from their core beliefs. In Brown’s case this was the belief that women can have it all, and have fun doing it! And we all have her to thank for that.