Taurus, Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook IPO

It has been a momentous few weeks for wonderkind Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook entrepreneur celebrated his 28th birthday, brought his company public and married his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. The birthday was on May 14th, IPO on May 18th and wedding on May 19th, giving them all a very strong Taurus signature.

Taureans like Mark like to build things. They are slow and careful creators of things of value, in this case, a vast web of internet interconnectivity that is deeply important to both users and corporations/advertisers. Taureans are very attached to routine and tend to be cautious and risk averse. He resisted deep pressure from the media and his investors to sell his company in the past, waiting patiently until he believed he could achieve maximum value for the stock.

Taurus is ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Venus. The problem here is that Venus was retrograde during the IPO (and his wedding). This is a less than ideal time for people to make major purchases or do other things related to Venus, as our sense of VALUE is skewed.

This was exactly the fate that befell early investors in the Facebook IPO, who lost money on the overvalued stock. The true sense of value is never clear when Venus is retrograde. So this may be the story of the stock for a long time to come- likely it will act counter-intuitively to major market changes and standard indicators.

Mark and Pricilla’s wedding on May 19th occurred when both the sun and the moon were in Taurus, conjunct Jupiter, the planet of good luck. Clearly this mitigates some of the traditional negativity associated with marrying during a Venus retrograde. With such strong Taurus energy you can expect that they will keep to their low key routine, albeit while enjoying their heightened abundance.