Venus Retrograde

July 25 – September 6, 2015

Have you suddenly started waxing nostalgic about an ex? Crossed paths with a former fling who has re-ignited your curiosity? Starting having confused feelings about friends and lovers? Decided that the relationship that you are in has some potentially insurmountable flaws? Or scrapped an important project to move forward in a different creative direction?

If so, then you too are feeling the effects of Venus retrograde. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, harmony and balance and as such plays a crucial role in our love life. While the changeable moon, ruling our daily moods and emotional needs, blazes through the zodiac each month keeping the wheels of our lives spinning at an exciting pace, Venus takes her slow, sweet time moving through the signs and only goes retrograde roughly every other year. A retrograde is when a planet appears to move backwards through the sky, and astrologically signifies a time of reappraisal and  re-evaluation.

With Venus retrograde our relationships are up for review. There is also the potential for people from the past to re-emerge so now would be a good time to reach out, even to old friends or colleagues, anyone whom you would like to renew a relationship. But Venus retrograde is not a time to rush. Best simply to be available, observant and self-aware. Are there relationship patterns that have been plaguing your love life forever that you would like to banish once and for all? Now is an ideal time to bring awareness to your patterns and release them.

With Venus also having rulership over art, now is also a crucial time for anyone in an artistic profession. If you have been struggling or moving in the wrong direction creatively, now is a time to get back in touch with your true values and priorities and re-set your course. Put away what is not working and polish the diamond on the shelf, work only on what you truly care about. Do not, however, throw caution to the wind and announce a wild makeover of your creative style or anything else for that matter. Simply trim the fat and move forward in a more authentic, cohesive manner.

If you are able to turn Venus’s eye for true quality, value, purpose and harmony onto your relationships, and renovate, so to speak, your creative and emotional output, this will serve you very well indeed until the next time Venus reverses in March 2017.