Axl & Stephanie (& Slash)

Don’t we all miss the 90s? The hay day of (truly) crazy bands, supermodel girlfriends, and MTV. At the epicenter of this boozy lovefest was the the rollercoaster affair of Aquarian Axl Rose and his Leo love Stephanie Seymour.

Aquarians are the mad geniuses of the zodiac and Axl fits this description perfectly. Their electric shock waves of brilliance are matched only by their stubborn refusal to do anything anybody elses way. Indeed, Axl’s rigid adherence to his own code of personal creativity brought Guns ‘N Roses to the heights, and also to the depths.

Along for the ride were his two Leo cohorts, Stephanie, and lead guitarist Slash. First things first, Leos are famous for their gorgeous hair. And we can all see why. Secondly, Leos are one of the signs best equipped to deal with the unusual Aquarians in their life. Leos are both warm and nurturing, and also very impressed and inspired by the sheer dedication to their own vision that Aquarian embodies. So Stephanie and Slash provided an atmosphere of support for Axl, as long as they could take it. Which unfortunately was not very long in either case.

RIP 90s and this truly great rock n’roll affair.