Rafa & Djok: Dueling Gemini Twins

Rafael Nadal June 3, 1986 Majorca Spain 7:15 PM

Novak Djokovic May 22, 1987 Belgrade, Serbia 11:25 PM

The kings of the court these days are both Gemini. They have supplanted regal Leo Roger Federer, who like the Leo who reigned the decade before him, Pete Sampras, had an elegant, yet firm, grip of the sport and the loyal admiration of tennis lovers.

Now, like Gemini, the fans are split down the middle rooting for either the sexy and humble Spaniard, Rafa, or for the boisterous and determined Serb, Djokovic. They both have the Gemini qualities of being dexterous, articulate and changeable. But the similarities stop there, as their moon and rising signs reveal very different underlying personalities.

Rafa’s moon sign is the stubborn and consistent sign of Taurus. He enjoys having a routine and works tirelessly at achieving long term goals. In his off time, he relishes total relaxation. The rising sign in astrology symbolizes the external personality and how people are perceived. Rafa’s rising sign is mysterious and private Scorpio. He thrives surrounded by a small group of trusted confidantes and is strongly motived by internal feelings and desires.

Novak, on the other hand, has patient and hard-working Capricorn as his moon sign. Like Rafa’s Taurus moon, Capricorn is an Earth sign. This gives them both strong ambition and will power yet Novak’s Capricorn moon is more adaptable than Rafa’s Taurus moon. Novak’s rising sign is aggressive and fiesty Aries. Aries thrives on competition and winning and holds these as motivation.

So while Scorpio and Taurus lend Rafa a stubborn and private nature, Capricorn and Aries give Djokovic a more restless and assertive character. We see this on the court with Rafa’s intensity and Djok’s eagerness to engage the audience with his famous imitations. With the 2012 tennis season on the horizon fans are eagerly waiting to take their place on either side of the court.