Astrology & the Holidays

As we are all fully immersed in the holiday spirit these days I thought it might be a time to reflect on how the energies and patterns of the signs are very apparent in the traditions that are used to celebrate holidays which fall within their month.

While the actual historical reasons for celebrating holidays on these dates are complex, the astrological energy seems to fit eerily well.. which always begs the age old questions- which came first??

HALLOWEEN reflects the spirit of Scorpio and infuses the holiday with its morbid fascinations. Scorpio is all about para-psychology, sex, death, re-birth, masks, and deliberate manipulation. So thus this is a perfect month for all of us to pretend to be somebody we are not and scare the hell out of each other.

THANKSGIVING falls under the realm of Sagittarius. Ruled by the king of the Gods, the very self-indulgent planet Jupiter, Thanksgiving is therefore not surprisingly most associated with self-indulgence. All anyone seems to think or talk about at Thanksgiving these days is the food and how much of it they want to eat! There is that whole matter of giving thanks too, I suppose. And truth be told, Sagittarius is a very spiritual sign.. they believe in higher powers in one form or another, so this makes sense. They also are deeply un-materialistic and would give the coat of this back if anyone asked so generosity and compassion fall well within their style.

Next up is CHRISTMAS, overseen by Capricorn. Now this one is a bit counter-intuitive. Most people think about Christmas trees, caroling, the Nutcracker and opening presents by the fire. As we all know this is a Hollywood version of Xmas, as many, many families cannot afford heaps of gifts and extravagant celebrations. This is where Capricorn and his enforcer, stern Saturn, come in. In fact what Christmas really represents underneath its glossy veneer is Santa Claus/Saturn with his “Naughty or Nice list” doling out a strict lesson in rewards and reprimands, separating the “haves” from the “have nots” in only a way that such a materialistic sign as Capricorn could. Ouch.

VALENTINE’S DAY follows. While it is still up for debate whether or not Hallmark created this ‘holiday’, it none the less thrives in our culture. Valentine’s Day, on February 14, is an Aquarian celebration. This is a rather fascinating one, as it would be much more apt after February 18, during the romantic month of Pisces. Instead, however, its aura is matched with the very stubborn, innovative and future-oriented sign of Aquarius. Perhaps this is why couples always feel the need to figure out their “future” (are we serious? are we not serious? are we getting married?) around Valentine’s Day, and also why the most innovative and unexpected Valentine’s surprises are the most rewarded and well-received.

EASTER is celebrated each year on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the March 21st vernal equinox. This is by far the most deliberately astrologically determined holiday. Easter almost always falls during the month when the sun is in Aries (March 21- April 20). Aries represent the beginning of the cycle and fresh starts and it fits perfectly with the definition of resurrection which is “a rising again”. Jesus’ resurrection was the beginning of the modern era in Christianity and each year Easter begins our spring awakening.

In America, 4TH OF JULY is more of a celebration than a “holy-day”, but let’s take a look anyway. July 4, 1776 is of course the birth day of the USA and many fascinating astrologers analyze the US birthchart and its implication in our current world affairs (mundane astrology). For our purposes we are just looking at how Cancer, as the USA sun sign, informs the way we celebrate each year. Home and family are the key words for Cancer and many of us have sentimental, nostalgic memories for how we spend July 4th with those we love. It is also very nurturing and loyal, this is when we show our national pride and pride in our neighborhood; our larger families.

Happy Holidays everyone!