The Aquarius Leo Love Story

Opposite signs are notoriously attracted to one another and often forge some of the most enduring and happy relationships. Take for example the beloved royal Cancer/Capricorn couple William and Kate, and globetrotting Sagittarius/Gemini glamorpusses Brad and Angelina.

Well it just so happens that Brad’s former love, Aquarius Jennifer Aniston, has finally found herself in the arms of a Leo man, Justin Theroux, giving her a chance for love with her opposite sign. Justin and Jen have been attached at the hip since hooking up earlier this summer. And they have also been palling around with another Leo, Justin’s friend photographer Terry Richardson (Who took this photograph of them in September).

Aquarians are amongst the most determined, stubborn and routine-oriented members of the zodiac. By the time they are adults they tend to have found their niche, usually one that very few others occupy, and they stake out their territory and dig their heels in. Rinse and repeat. Their niches/lifestyles however, tend to be anything but ordinary. Take Jen for example, who has corned the market on rom-coms, yoga, healthful living, Cabo, and bad-boy boyfriends. Like all Aquarians, she is hardworking, future oriented, and committed to her path.

Leos are the perfect counterpoint to the driven and independent Aquarius. Also incredibly creative and purposeful, Leos can relate to the Aquarians commitment to creating a world and life of their own imagining. Yet Leo’s thrive in warmth and family. We can think of the heat and revelry of the month of August, when Leo thrives, juxtaposed with the privacy and isolation of February when Aquarius rules the days. Jennifer and Justin were born just about exactly 6 months apart, though in different years. Jennifer, on February 11 (1969), and Justin on August 10 (1971).

Moon signs rule our emotional nature, and both Jen and Justin have their moons in impulsive, extravagant and fun loving fire signs, Sagittarius and Aries respectively. These two place a premium on enjoyment in their relationship. And certainly her many fans are happy to see Jen enjoying her life!