Mercury Retrograde

“I’m so sorry. Mercury is in retrograde, and that messes with technology, and I was trying to get on email to approve something, and my computer kept crashing.” – Virgo Cameron Diaz apologizing for being late in February 2008

Get ready folks, another Mercury retrograde period is upon us. Amazingly this is one part of the astrological lexicon that seems to have made it into the mainstream culture. People who don’t know a sign from a star seem to be filled with the knowledge that the planet Mercury is affecting their lives in mysterious and unexpected ways during the few weeks each year known as the Mercury retrograde.

Mercury goes retrograde about three times per year, for roughly three weeks each time. This means that from earth, it appears to be moving backwards in the sky (planets do not ever actually move backwards). The retrogrades of each of the personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) are infrequent and short in duration and are times when we should avoid catalyzing new plans as much as possible in favor of taking stock of the situation and being patient.

As the planet of communication, Mercury is prone to sending mixed messages and disrupting the flow of information. Mercury has rulership over correspondence, such as email, letters, faxes, etc. It also rules all kinds of documents such as contracts. It is thus not wise to sign a contract when Mercury is retrograde. It is likely that one party or another will want to revise the contents.

Mercury retrograde is however, a good time to ponder all of the different pieces of information and ideas that have been coming your way recently. If you are thinking of signing a contract or beginning an important relationship or correspondence, this is the perfect time to really straighten out exactly what you hope to gain from the situation and be as clear as possible about your goals so that when Mercury goes direct again you can be clear and effective in your communication.

Thus, this can actually be a great time to take the pressure off of ourselves to be working all the time, and give ourselves permission to simply reflect and ponder the things we have been working towards. And do not worry if you do have important meetings or negotiations during this period. Just try to be as honest and clear as possible about your position AND take extra special care to listen to exactly what the other party is bringing to the table. It will be over before you know it.

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2011/2012

November 23 – December 13, 2011

March 11 – April 4, 2012

July 14 – August 7, 2012

November 6 – November 26, 2012