Scorpio Fashion Idol: Zac Posen

October 24, 1980 New York, NY noon* (time unknown)

New York wonderboy designer Zac Posen is a Scorpio. If you could pick a single sign to reach pinnacles of success at a very young age in a controlled, sophisticated and stable way it would be a Scorpio. This is not the fickle, over-exposed fire sign kind of overnight mega-success (Britney! Miley!) but rather the completely determined, precise materminding of the Scorpio (Julia! Leo! Diddy!)… and Zac Posen.

There are lots of kids who grow up in New York, surrounded by creative, enterprising adults, dreaming of reaching their heights of success. Many get there. Few get there before their 30th birthday. To be precise, very few people under the age of 30 are famous fashion designers at all. Posen may be the only one whose front row at fashion week boasts fellow Scorpio Anna Wintour, who has been a kind of mentor to him.

With his Venus, planet of art and beauty, in perfectionistic Virgo he needs to be very precise about all of the details in his designs, a characteristic quite common amongst fashion designers. However, the conjunction of extravagant Jupiter with his Venus gives a slightly more playful energy to this placement. In fact, with Venus also ruling relationships, this Jupiter quality could come out more in his friendships and love affairs, in the form of generosity and a joie-de-vivre. This might be the side of him that his closest friends and confidantes relate to, while his very controlling Scorpio sun sign chooses exactly with whom to share this side of his personality.

His Mars, planet of action, in Sagittarius also re-enforces this more extroverted Jupiterian side of his personality. Though Scorpios take every decision seriously, the Mars in Sagittarius gives a bit more of a boost to their fiery creative energy, making them restless and willing to act on their decisions. It also gives them an optimistic and spiritual bent.

Posen’s moon sign is Taurus, the opposite sign of Scorpio, indicating that he was born on a full moon! Having your sun and moon in opposites signs shows individuals who are good at completing things that they set out to do. Even more so since these two signs are the very stubborn signs of Scorpio and Taurus. The Scorpio planets make him competitive, introspective and brooding. The Taurus moon, on the other hand, helps him stay patient, find creative inspiration around him, and desire to keep the peace with the people around him. When pushed though… watch out!

The Scorpio/Taurus aesthetic comes across in his fashion as well. Scorpios like to toy with conventions of public and private, often using under-garment inspired styles as outerwear. However, they loathe gaudy, over-exposed styles and prefer the subtle sexiness. The Taurus moon lends his tastes more on the luxurious, classic, lady-like end of the spectrum. The Taurus influence loves soft materials and traditional shapes, but always done up with a cheeky Scorpio twist.

But he may have a bit of a temper. With Uranus, planet of sudden, unexpected events, conjunct his Mercury, planet of communication, in Scorpio, he may, from time to time, unleash some spontaneous tirades. Or uses his psychic Scorpio qualities to read other people and plant some discreet verbal clues. The Mercury/Uranus conjunction also lends people an interest in unusual ideas. But mostly, Posen is a serious, hardworking person with a bit of an extravagant, spontaneous private side.

In 2004, Scorpio Sean Combs, became a significant investor in Zac Posen’s business. Most Scorpios have very close bonds with their parents and a few select confidantes. They especially love other water signs, likes fellow Scorpios, Cancers, and Pisces. Scorpios have a hard time respecting more flakey, scattered types and for that reason tend to go out of their way to help and promote one another. Diddy’s money, Demi Moore’s body and Anna Wintour’s influence have certainly helped shaped his career, but it is clearly his own motivation, persistence and skill that has gotten him this far.