Astrological Anatomy of a Bad Marriage

August 20, 2011. Montecito, California 6 pm **(approximately)

I considered posting in August about the incredibly inauspicious aspects prevailing on the day that Kim Kardashian walked down the aisle with Kris Humphries, but I thought it mean spirited and pessimistic. Alas, the world was decidedly NOT shocked when Kim announced yesterday that she was ready to divorce her newly minted groom. While there are many theories as to exactly why this marriage was rushed into existence, and then promptly out of it, the fact remains that the date chosen for the nuptials was  extremely ill conceived. Simply put: some days are better to marry than others. Period. A look over their wedding chart reveals a wealth of things to avoid if you desire happily-ever-after.

MERCURY RETROGRADE: Astrology pros and novices alike are aware of the cardinal rule of astrological planning: Do nothing of great importance when Mercury is retrograde. Mercury rules all contracts, plans, communication and correspondence. Marriage being a legal contract, we are not advised to marry during Mercury Rx lest that contract is undermined. Additionally, a Mercury retrograde marriage will strain communication between the couple.

VENUS OPPOSITE NEPTUNE: Venus is the planet of love and beauty. Having Venus strong in the chart of a marriage is incredibly helpful to ensure harmony and peace for a couple. Venus was extremely debilitated in the chart of this marriage. At 29 degrees Leo, it was preparing to transit out of Leo and into Virgo (within the next 24 hours). It was also in direct opposition to Neptune, the planet of illusion, fantasy and deception. This perfectly describes the dramatic, extravagant, fantasy-inspired over the top “made for TV” style of the wedding (and the marriage). Like many things associated with Neptune, it was not in fact real but actually an illusion.

BAD MOON ASPECTS: The moon is by far the most important planet (luminary) in wedding astrology. With rulership over emotions, feelings and relationships, it is essential for the moon to be well positioned to avoid drama in a relationship. The moon moves very quickly, spending about 2.5 days in each sign (as opposed to the sun which spends a whole month in each sign). During the time that it is in a sign, Taurus in the case of Kim’s marriage, it makes a variety of different aspects to other planets before moving on. The aspects it makes immediately AFTER the moments the vows are exchanged show the emotional character of the marriage.

In this case the moon was making ONLY bad aspects- squares- after the wedding as it moved through Taurus towards the following sign, Gemini. Squares show difficulty finding middle ground and resolving conflict. First it became square with Mercury, further complicating the communication problems. Next the moon squared the sun in Leo, showing a conflict between the emotional desire to enjoy luxury and comforts (moon in Taurus) and the primal need for attention and admiration (Sun in Leo). Finally, the moon squared the Venus/Neptune opposition showing the essential instability of a marriage built on illusion and fantasy.


With so many planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius) we see extreme stubborness within the relationship. The problem here was that Kim, the celebrity, expected that Kris would go along with what she wanted. Yet, what she did not anticipate was that Kris started to see himself as a star.

In a wedding chart, the groom is represented by the sun and the bride by the moon- yet another reason why the square between these two planets is so detrimental. Kris, represented by Leo, started to see himself as the star, the essential missing piece to Kim’s fairytale life.  He thrived with the fame and attention. Kim, represented by Taurus, was extremely set in her ways and wanted to continue to live la vie luxe as usual without making any kind of lifestyle accommodations for her status as a newlywed (case in point: living with her husband in a hotel suite with Kourtney, Scott and Mason).

Kim is a Libra, the sign of marriage and partnership, showing her great desire to be coupled up. Kris is a stubborn and independent Aquarius. Both air signs, the two are fundamentally compatible. Yet, rushing a wedding and picking a bad date clearly did not bode well for this pair.