Libra Fashion Idol: Ralph Lauren

October 14, 1939 New York, NY noon* (time unknown)

Perhaps the greatest advertising genius and brand master extraordinaire of the past half century, Ralph Lauren, is a Libra. Being ruled by the luxury-loving sign of Libra suits the ethos of the Ralph Lauren brand perfectly. Libra is all about balance, harmony and sociability. What the Ralph Lauren brand sells to it’s customers is the illusion of the perfect life, surrounded by perfect friends in perfect, clean, harmonious clothes, in perfect estates with perfect weather. Through their constant oscillation, Libra strives for perfection and the Ralph Lauren brand taps into that need in each one of us, and uses it to their advantage.

Ralph Lauren has his moon, as well as his Venus and Mercury, in Scorpio. This gives him a fierce determination and purposefulness. He always knew he would go into the fashion industry and began designing ties at a young age in his hometown of New York. The Scorpio energy is also fiercely private and knows how to guard and protect their image. They are also keenly aware of what they project and Ralph Lauren has been very precise and methodical about controlling the image of his brand. And it is by carefully doing this that the Ralph Lauren brand has managed to expand into every price point smoothly where some other brands have failed.

There is also a considerable amount of fire energy in Lauren’s chart. Both Saturn and Jupiter are in feisty, competitive Aries and Pluto is in determined Leo. He has the willingness and drive to turn his passions into reality. But one of the greatest markers of his chart, and his aesthetic, is radical Uranus in the traditional sign of Taurus. This perfectly describes how Lauren has taken traditional, preppy style (Taurus) and upgraded and revolutionized it for the future (Uranus).

The true node in astrology is not a planet but rather an angle that is said to represent the soul’s true purpose and path in life. Lauren’s true node at 29′ Libra tightly conjunct Venus, planet of beauty, at 0′ Scorpio shows that he is very tapped into his destiny as an artist and creator. And with his Mars, planet of action in Aquarius, he does things his own way, not paying much heed to anyones critiques or suggestions.

The planets that are most affected in Lauren’s chart right now are Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. His progressed sun at 29′ Sagittarius is conjunct Pluto and making a trine to his natal Saturn in Aries. He is at the pinnacle of power in his career and he is making wise business decisions. In fact business is going to be on his mind even more once his progressed sun ingresses into Capricorn in the next fews months. This will be about the same time that his progressed moon in Taurus will be conjoining natal Uranus. Expect the brand to make some big announcements, seemingly out of the blue.

The big story in fashion in the past quarter century is the rise of the ‘luxury’ aspirational brand, and in many ways, Ralph Lauren has pioneered this movement. While many of the big brands have invented and re-invented themselves several times in recent history (take Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, for example), the Ralph Lauren brand struck gold with its simple American classic style and ever wise, Lauren has never strayed very far from this formula. Taurus Halston was the grand-father of the American classic style in the 1970s but lost his grounding when he collaborated with J.C. Penny and ruined the illusion of the jet-set inaccessibility of his brand. Lauren, of the other hand, has been able to tap into the universality of American style, and that has proven to be priceless. Actually… very, very profitable.