Blake and Leo’s Summer Love

One of the hottest new couples of the summer is Scorpio Leonardo diCaprio and his girlfriend, Virgo stunner Blake Lively. Blake has a real affinity for secretive and intense Scorpio men, having previously dated fellow Scorpios Penn Badgley and Ryan Gosling. With his moon in the beauty loving sign of Libra, Leo has an eye for art and an affinity for genetically gifted women, having played house in the past with supermodels including Cancer Gisele Bundchen and Gemini Bar Rafaeli.

Blake’s moon sign, like her sun sign, is Virgo, giving her a double dose of the thoughtful, detail oriented Virgo energy. With his sun in Scorpio and her sun in Virgo, they are both modest and private people who care more about enjoying the daily nuances of their lives than the glittery facade of showbiz. And with his moon in Libra and her moon in Virgo, they are both very accommodating and supportive partners who value balanced relationships. They should both be careful, however, not to allow the fault finding tendencies of these two moon sign positions to distort their expectations of each other and the relationship. These two have enough steam, and sex appeal, to make it through another season.

POSTSCRIPT: They indeed had the juice to make it through (half of) another season, before Blake ran off into the arms of- you guess it- yet another Scorpio man, Ryan Reynolds! As a double Scorpio, with his sun AND moon in that sign, Ryan is a much better match for Blake’s double Virgo.