Astrology & The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The most celebrated couple in the world right now is undoubtedly the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. So exactly how strong is the bond between the world’s most glamorous newlyweds? As an analysis of their birth charts and the chart for their marriage can attest, these two are rock solid.

Prince William of Wales. June 21, 1982  London, England 9:03 PM

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. January 9, 1982. Reading, England ** Time Unknown

Marriage. April 29, 2011. London, England 11:21 AM

WILLIAM: Sun in Cancer, Moon in Cancer, Rising Sagittarius

KATE: Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer

MARRIAGE: Sun in Taurus, Moon in Pisces, Rising Leo

SUN SIGNS: The first fascinating thing about William and Kate is that they were born 6 months apart in 1982 during corresponding eclipses. Eclipses occur every 6 months in opposite signs. Kate was born on the lunar eclipse when the Sun in Capricorn was opposed by the Moon in Cancer. William was born 6 months later during the corresponding solar eclipse when both the sun and moon were in Cancer. Already these two are a pair.

Sun signs represent our goals, values and sense of purpose. Being born with the opposite sun signs of Capricorn and Cancer indicates that Kate and William both share the same basic interests and concerns but approach them from opposite sides of the spectrum. Cancer and Capricorn are both concerned with security, family, loyalty, comfort and stability. Capricorn Kate approaches this desire through consistency, effort, and dedication. Cancer William approaches this desire through nurturing and protecting the people and causes that are important to him. William was famously protective of his beloved mother, Princess Diana, whose sun sign was also Cancer. He also protected Kate from the spotlight during much of their 9 year courtship so that she could have as much of a normal life as possible before joining the royal fold. And Kate’s much lauded sense of restraint, respectfulness and subtlety is a direct reflection of her responsible and down-to-earth Capricorn sun sign.

“I’m very, very lucky. He looks after me as much as possible.” – Kate reportedly said to Army Colonel Robert O’Brien on their 2011 trip to Canada.

MOON SIGNS: Both Kate and William have the Moon in Cancer. This is an incredible bond that harmonizes them, as the moon sign is responsible for our emotional needs and behaviors. Both of them are private, intuitive, romantic and a bit secretive. Certainly these two have put their relationship first and revealed very little of their personal life to the curious public, making a point of living outside the public eye, in rural Wales. Cancer Moon people also have a strong sense of purpose and responsibility, however, so they also take their roles very seriously and will never shirk away from the duties before them. With the moon in Cancer, they desire to have an instinctual relationship where they both can meet one anothers changing desires and moods intuitively, and their greatest joy comes from being close to home with their families and loved ones.

RISING SIGNS: The rising sign shows our external behavior and how others perceive us. It is based on the exact time of our birth as rising sign’s change roughly every two hours. William’s rising sign is the extroverted, adventurous and fun loving sign of Sagittarius. His outward behavior is gregarious, optimistic and playful. With his current position as a helicopter pilot he is seen as outdoorsy and daring. He also has Neptune, the planet of intuition and glamour rising in his chart. This shows his ability to naturally relate with the public in an intuitive and dramatic way, lending him incredible magnetism and popularity.

There is no time noted on Kate Middleton’s birth certificate, which has caused much strife and speculation amongst the astrology community! Recent reports list her time of birth as 11:33 PM. This would make her rising sign Libra and put the assertive planet Mars on the ascendant. Libra rising would lend her natural charm and sociability, as well as refined tastes. Mars on the ascendant would show her competitive athletic nature. This seems to describe her quite well. The ascendant also rules one’s outer demeanor and (along with Venus for a woman), their sense of personal style. Kate’s fashion icon status has been cemented by her choice of feminine, yet modern, pastels and girly details. This is indeed in tune with the Libra style, which enjoys embellishments and classical feminine style.

MARRIAGE: William and Kate officially traded vows and became husband and wife at 11:21 AM on their wedding day. The sun in Taurus lends strength, solidity and peace to their marriage. Taurus is the most stable of all the signs. They are a unified team. The moon sign for their marriage is Pisces. As another sensitive water sign, Pisces is in perfect harmony with both of their Cancer moons. A Pisces moon shows an escapist desire to create a fantasy land of their own imagining. With all of the resources of the most powerful monarchy in the world at their disposal, they will create the private life together that they have surely been fantasizing about since falling in love at university. Royal Leo rising is only fitting. They are perceived as regal, dramatic, powerful leaders with great strength and integrity. Additionally there are 5 planets- Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter- in the assertive, original and independent sign of Aries. This is a royal couple who will blaze their own path.

It is well known that Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana, was devoted to astrology and consulted several astrologers throughout her life. Historically, rulers and monarchs have relied heavily on astrology when making important decisions. With nothing less than the future of the monarchy at stake with Prince Williams marriage, whispers suggest that Clarence House quietly consulted a prominent London astrologer about the timing of this momentous event. And wisely so as their marriage chart is both powerful and harmonious.

FAMILY CONNECTIONS: As you can see there are numerous bonds and similarities in William and Kate’s charts. Likewise, charts between members of all families contain tremendous parallels and common themes. The same signs are represented again and again. See for yourself how William and Kate’s charts compare with the rest of their families.

PRINCE WILLIAM: Sun in Cancer, Moon in Cancer, Rising Sagittarius

CATHERINE, DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE: Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer

QUEEN ELIZABETH II: Sun in Taurus, Moon in Leo, Rising Capricorn

PRINCE PHILIP: Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo, Rising Capricorn

PRINCE CHARLES: Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus, Rising Leo

PRINCE HARRY: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus, Rising Capricorn

PRINCESS DIANA: Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius, Rising Sagittarius

CAMILLA, DUCHESS OF CORNWALL: Sun in Cancer, Moon in Cancer, Rising Leo

CAROLE MIDDLETON: Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus

MICHAEL MIDDLETON: Sun in Cancer, Moon in Taurus

PIPPA MIDDLETON: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Leo or Virgo (depending on time)

JAMES MIDDLETON: Sun in Aries, Moon in Scorpio

We can see very clearly the prominence of certain signs in the royal family and in Kate’s family.

Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn are dominant in virtually every chart.

TAURUS represents stability, ease and love of luxury.

CANCER represents compassion, security and love of home and family.

LEO represents entitlement, integrity and drama.

SCORPIO represents sexuality, mystery and power.

CAPRICORN represents duty, achievement and commitment.

With these signs heavily represented in Duchess Catherine’s birth chart and in the chart of her marriage to Prince William, we can expect their strong bond to continue to thrive. We can also expect to see these signs emerge in the charts of their already eagerly anticipated offspring, a baby Prince or Princess due to be born in July 2013- most likely a Cancer, whose sun sign will be aligned with both of their parents moon sign.