Elizabeth Taylor and Johnny Cash

JOHNNY CASH. February 26, 1932, Kingsland, Arkansas. 7:30 AM

ELIZABETH TAYLOR. February 27, 1932. Hampstead, London, England. {time contested}

As the world has been mourning the recent death of iconic actress, humanitarian and bon vivant Elizabeth Taylor, a rather charming and unexpected anecdote has emerged. Roseanne Cash, the daughter of the late musical legend Johnny Cash, recounted publicly the story that each year her father would receive a telegram from Taylor on his birthday that read “Remember, I am still younger than you!” Indeed, Cash was born on February 26, 1932 and Taylor was born the very next day, February 27th.

Though on the surface the glamorous movie star and the Man in Black have very little in common, their nearly identical birthcharts reveal a wealth of similarities between the two superstars. [Since Taylor’s birthtime is contested we will ignore the ascendant and focus exclusively on the most prominent signs and planets].

SUN in PISCES. As Pisces, both Cash and Taylor were extremely intuitive and sensitive people. Pisceans relate to the ephemeral, spiritual and artistic energy of the world around them. They are extremely non-judgemental and empathetic and some of their greatest inspiration and satisfaction comes from helping the needy. Cash was famously committed to speaking up for the rights and dignity of prisoners, veterans and Native Americans. He explained his famous choice of attire in the song “Man in Black” as “We’re doing might fine I suppose/ In our streak of lightning cars and fancy clothes/ But just so we’re reminded of the ones who are held back/ Up front there ought to be a man in black.” Taylor, on the other hand, became one of the most successful activists and fundraisers for AIDS research. Both stars were also deeply spiritual and religious, Pisces ruling our connection to a greater source. The shadow side of Pisces- a tendency towards illusion, addiction and illness- also emerged strongly in the lives of both Cash and Taylor.

MOON in SCORPIO. Like Pisces, Scorpio is an emotionally oriented water sign. With the moon in Scorpio, a need for passion, intensity and transcendence is dominant in the personality and in relationships. Both Taylor and Cash were extreme personalities, seemingly needing to merge with life and other people on a powerful level, whether through drugs and performing, or through marriage and sex. Scorpio lends a strong magnetism, and is extremely tenacious and willful, rarely giving up on thing that it needs and desires. While Taylor had many husbands, she was most closely bonded with Scorpio Richard Burton. And after years of courting, Cash was finally married to his true love, Cancer June Carter.

MARS and MERCURY conjunct the SUN in PISCES. Joining the sun in Pisces in the charts of Cash and Taylor, are the planets Mars and Mercury. Mars is the planet of action and assertiveness. Mercury is the planet of speech, thought and communication. They strongly influence the Pisces personality in this instance. Where Pisces can be rather passive in nature, the presence of Mars gives a strong impetus to act. Mercury here gives a keen intellectual and communicative ability, so both were easily able to make known what they are thinking and Cash in particular was a very talented songwriter. With Mars and Mercury conjunct the sun, once they think or feel something, they will not hesitate to act- whether this be a rush to the wedding chapel or speaking up for things they want and believe in.

VENUS and URANUS conjunct in ARIES {within 1 degree}. With Venus, the planet of love, and Uranus, the planet of rebellion and the unexpected in unison, we have a dramatic and unpredictable romantic and artistic nature. Aries, the sign of leadership and new beginnings also flavors this conjunction with an even more impulsive flavor. In Cash, this manifested in several ways. First as a chronic inability to remain faithful to his first wife, he was easily swayed in the moment. And as Uranus is radical and rebellious, it showed that he was unafraid to live his life as a true independent and radical for his time, rejecting the norms that were then popular for a country star. With Taylor, this manifested as a “love at first sight” type of personality, falling practically instantly (Uranus) in love with new people and being unafraid to charge head first (Aries) into new relationships (Venus).

JUPITER in LEO. With Jupiter, the planet of good luck, transiting through Leo, the sign of stardom and personal creativity we see a flair for self-expression. Jupiter spends about 1 year in each zodiac sign. However, at the time of Taylor and Cash’s births, Jupiter was at 15 degrees Leo, with 1 degree of an exact trine [the most harmonious possible relationship between 2 planets] from the Uranus and Venus conjunction in Aries. This aspect would have lasted no longer than a week. And thus we see how powerfully supported both of these artists were by the an innate faith in their own abilities.

Elizabeth Taylor and Johnny Cash are wonderful astrological examples of people who display a great amount of personal conviction and authenticity, simultaneously with a tremendous ability to empathize with and be celebrated by others. Their highly sensitive and giving natures (Pisces, Scorpio) combined with their willingness to speak their personal truth (Mars, Mercury, Sun conjunct) and lack of fear to be be different (Venus, Uranus conjunct) inspired, and continues to inspire, the love and admiration of millions of people.