Marion Cotillard & Guillaume Canet

MARION COTILLARD September 30, 1975 4:50 AM Paris, France

GUILLAUME CANET April 10, 1973 Boulougne, France  ** Time Unknown

The international film community was thrilled this year with the announcement that celebrated low-key lovebirds Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet are expecting their first child together. After many years of living together quietly in Paris, rumors began circulating in 2010 that they had decided to marry when Marion was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her left hand. While they have not confirmed or denied their plans to marry, the couple are clearly taking their next steps as a family.

The passion between an Aries man and a Libra woman is one of the most classic love stories of the zodiac. The Aries man is full of bravado, swagger and passion. He charges through life like a warrior, paying little heed to anything that does not excite his creative, competitive spirit.

The Libra woman is his ultimate counterpoint. She is composed, well mannered, articulate and high minded. He lives within the needs and impulses of his immediate environment, she lives gracefully within the world at large, deftly managing her own desires and demands with those of the many others in her life. The Aries man is mesmerized by these skills and talents as well as her sheer beauty and endless charm. She brings him calm and assurance, he brings her an endless stream of admiration and excitement.

This pair of opposite signs also has a strong interest in fairness and balance. They will strive to live by a personal moral code that they set. Both Marion and Guillaume have their moon in the loving, domestic sign of Cancer. They prefer to share their time and their deepest emotions only with one another and their close circle of immediate friends and family. And they are sure to make their newest addition the center of their life.