The Beautiful Black Swan

Darren Aronofsky’s psychological thriller “Black Swan”, set in the world of professional New York City ballet, echoes the themes of Gemini, Scorpio and Leo- the signs of the films three star ballerinas.

Gemini Natalie Portman leads the cast in a film based on the classic ballet whose plot is centered on the war between the virginal white swan and her evil twin, the black swan- how apt for a Gemini to play two parts. The ballet itself is deeply dualistic, as is the movie, where Natalie’s character Nina is probed to connect with her own two evil twins- her self-sabotaging shadow side and her alluring doppelganger rival Lily, played by Mila Kunis.

Winona Ryder steals her few scenes and elevates all of the Scorpio currents that dominate the story- sex, death, decay, regeneration, self-exploration, jealousy, destructive impulses, obsession, and the dark side of human nature. Imagery of skin is shown repeatedly throughout the film and both the snake, shedding it’s old skin, and the Phoenix rising from the ashes of destruction back into birth and freedom are symbols associated with Scorpio. While the bird itself is a Gemini symbol, always desiring movement and expression, but so often found caged.

At its core the film is also about the quest for perfection, for the confidence and ability to be the best, to be the star, to captivate the world, to be the prima ballerina. These are Leo themes as Leo represents the world of creativity and the relationship between a star and their audience. Leo Mila Kunis captures the effortless star quality- magnetic, talented, capable, sexy, desirable and strong.

These three actresses, and sets of themes, collide in a world perfectly orchestrated by Aquarian Aronofsky. Aquarians are the most fixed, set in their ways, and often uncompromising sign in the zodiac so we can be sure he had his hand in each and every detail. And the riveting “Swan Lake” music itself was composed by Taurus Pyotr Tchaikovsky, a sign ruled by Venus, goddess of all things artistic and beautiful.

And while the film itself might not exactly have a fairy tale ending, Natalie Portman may have gotten hers; she fell in love with her male lead, dancer- and fellow Gemini- Benjamin Millepied, on set. The two are now engaged and expecting their first child.