The Brangelina Brood

Recently I have been exploring the dynamics of astrology within families- specifically, how members of a family tend to have clusters of the same {or opposite} signs in their chart. Same signs show a similar approach to the world while together with their opposite signs forms a complete whole- with the same interests but an alternative and complementary approach.

One large- and very famous- family that demonstrates this perfectly is the Brangelina brood.

In astrology there are 3 major components of the personality that each person demonstrates

SUN SIGN: the core of who we are and what we believe about the world

MOON SIGN: how we behave in relationships and our emotional nature

RISING SIGN: how we interact with the world and how we are perceived

We often share one or more of these signs with our parents and siblings. In the case of Brad and Angelina, the patterns are clear.

ANGELINA JOLIE        June 4, 1975 9:09 AM Los Angeles, CA

sun sign GEMINI: At her core she sees the world as a place of ideas and she is a thoughtful and articulate thinker and communicator (Hobnobbing with the intelligencia, raising awareness of issues, and connecting masterfully with the general public)

moon sign ARIES: Her emotional nature is forceful, intuitive and impulsive (Thrill seeking action star and multiple divorcee)

rising sign CANCER:  Changeable and unpredictable, but highly nurturing and sensitive (She is perceived as sometimes unstable but a concerned caregiver to the world’s needy and uber-mom)

In his just released biography of her, famed author Andrew Morton even concedes “As a Gemini, the child was destined to have a dual personality, the forces of good and evil, darkness and light, male and female, wrestling with her psyche.” (p. 30). This is indeed true and is exacerbated by her very masculine Aries moon sign, and very feminine Cancer rising sign.

BRAD PITT                December 18, 1963 6:31 AM Shawnee, OK

sun sign SAGITTARIUS (opposite sign of Angelina’s sun in Gemini): Has an adventurous, open-minded and generous orientation to the world (Most beloved global superstar)

moon sign CAPRICORN (opposite sign of Angelina’s rising Cancer): More no-nonsense and business-minded when it comes to relationships than he appears (Brand building and image building through relationships seems to be a skill of his)

rising sign SAGITTARIUS: The aura and exterior personality of one who is at ease, lucky and whose life is one grand adventure, if a little bit reckless and self-indulgent (Signing up for the Angelina whirlwind at the drop of a hat, quite a gamble)

On to the kids (since accurate birth times are not known for the adopted children it is not possible to know rising signs)…

Maddox: sun sign Leo, moon sign Aquarius

Pax: sun sign SAGITTARIUS, moon sign Aquarius

Zahara: sun sign CAPRICORN, moon sign SAGITTARIUS

Shiloh: sun sign GEMINI, moon sign GEMINI, rising sign Pisces

Knox and Vivienne: sun sign CANCER, moon sign Scorpio, rising sign SAGITTARIUS

The sun sign of 5 out of the 6 children are one of the sun/moon/rising signs of their parents!

There is heavy emphasis is this family on the Gemini/Sagittarius opposite signs, which are concerned with travel, education, freedom, and adventure. And with the Cancer/Capricorn opposite signs which are concerned with family, loyalty, status and durability.

The only child whose sun and moon sign are not associated is Maddox, who is a Leo with moon in Aquarius (like his brother Pax). Interestingly, Leo is the sun sign of Billy Bob Thornton who was Angelina’s husband at the time that he was adopted. It is possible, indeed highly likely, that Maddox’s rising sign is Gemini/Cancer/Sagittarius or Capricorn.

Within the family Pax and Zahara have more qualities of Brad, and Maddox and Shiloh have more qualities of Angelina, while the twins are a true blend of both.

Will they add a 7th child? All bets would be on one of these signs or an Aquarius to blend with the more subtle Leo/Aquarius theme.