Those Krazy Kardashians

It seems everywhere we look these days we are looking at those Krazy Kardashian sisters. Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and the rest of the gang are everywhere. This is because they perfectly represent the Cardinal Cross that is happening in the sky right now!!

At the moment, the planets Uranus (in Aries), Pluto (in Capricorn), Saturn (in late Virgo/early Libra), and the transiting Sun (in late Gemini/early Cancer) are forming a giant cross to one another. Saturn and Uranus are about 180 degrees apart and Pluto and the Sun are about 180 degrees apart. This is what is known as a Cardinal Cross and it is an extremely rare alignment (as in never again in our lifetimes).

It just so happens that the most celebrated family of pop-culturedom at the current moment personify this rare Cardinal Cross!

Kourtney is an Aries= she is being most affected by Uranus. Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected disruptions and breakthroughs.. Kourtney’s pregnancy comes to mind. As an Aries she craves independence but is now having to learn to create a different kind of life.

Kim is a Libra= she  is being most affected by Saturn. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, diligence and effort. With her hectic schedule, Kim is learning that being a STAR requires a lot of patience and hard work. Her Libra qualities of diplomacy and cooperation are being tested.

Khloe is a Cancer= she is being most affected by Pluto opposing her sun from Capricorn. With intense Pluto hammering away at her sensitive Cancer sun, Khloe is the sister experiencing the deepest internal transformation at the moment- from shy family girl to married woman and national star- this is affecting her at a profound level. Creating her own family with her husband is the next big project.

Since so many of us are experiencing changes in our lives because of this deeply influential and far-reaching Cardinal Cross, we can see some of our own struggles and triumphs reflected back at us through this Krazy family- and that is what accounts for their Krazy popularity!! And while the sun will speed by pretty quickly, the rest of these planets will hold this tricky alignment for about another year , so don’t look for other stars to usurp the Kardashian throne at US Weekly just yet. And expect plenty more drama!