Aaron Eckhart: Another Pisces Photographer

According to People.com , Pisces actor Aaron Eckhart is pursuing his new passion for fashion photography.

“I’m obsessed with it–it’s all I do,” he says. “That’s really the only thing I think about.” With magazines like French Vogue,Italian Vogue and L’Uomo Vogueas his inspirations, and famed photographers like Peter Lindbergh and Bruce Weber as his heroes, the easygoing actor says that capturing raw human emotions is what he’s most passionate about. “Straight-up fashion photography in the studio–that’s not what I necessarily aspire to, you know? I like to be outside, on location, making up stories,” he says. “That’s where my acting comes in.” So will the actor–who’s starring in an upcoming movie with Nicole Kidman later this year–turn photo pro? “I will if somebody asks me,” he says. “Hopefully I’ll do exhibitions and all that sort of stuff. I’m really just a photography geek. I just love to shoot.”

Almost all Pisces love photography. Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces, is the planet associated with fantasy and illusion, among other things, so it is the planet associated with photography, film and movies. And while there is an element of fantasy and illusion associated the acting, it is really the creativity, emotion and talent of the photographer that most embodies the Neptunian spirit.

Diane Arbus, Ansel Adams, David LaChapelle (whose shot of Gemini Kylie Minogue perfectly captures the Piscean fantasy world) are among the more famous Pisces photographers. Leo and Scorpio are two other signs that are very attracted to photography. Leos are especially interested in fashion photography. Rather than being concerned with the watery subjective nature of film, the way the Pisces is, Leos are more interested in the glamorous, creative and illuminating quality of photography. Leos who have made their mark in photography include Horst, Patrick Demarchelier, and Herb Ritts. Scorpios, by contrast are moved by the raw, penetrating and provocative aspects of capturing a soul or a sentiment in film. Slim Aarons, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Peter Lindbergh are famous Scorpio photographers.