One Big Happy (Cancer) Family

Recently I learned that Polish stunners, sisters Marika and Dagmara Dominczyk, are both Cancer- AND both married to Cancer men, Scott Foley and Patrick Wilson respectively. On top of this, Dagmara and Patrick’s eldest son, Kalin, is also a Cancer. WOW. This is quite the Cancer family.

While it is very common for siblings to share a sun sign with one another or a parent, I have rarely seen such a tight cluster of one sign, by blood and marriage within a family. Cancer’s are highly sensitive, intuitive and nurturing creatures. They care most about their comfort, privacy and family life. This was clearly the main priority for Dagmara and Marika when they settled down with Cancer men. However Cancers can be moody, withholding and overly sentimental so let’s hope that this bunch has learned how to express their feelings rather than brood over them!