Tiger’s Cheetah Ways

Fans, sponsors and the media have been scratching their heads for the last several month trying to understand the personal behavior of the world’s greatest golfer. Astrology, of course, offers many insights.

Tiger Woods is an archetypal Capricorn. He is disciplined, focused on long term success and goals, a keen business man as well as athlete, driven to succeed by an overarching need to prove himself to the ‘authorities’ in his life, in this case is father. So Tiger’s story plays out like a Capricorn fantasy/nightmare on steroids. His climb to the top (Capricorns are the mountain goats and they are always climbing) started at the ripe age of 3, his ‘authorities’ were his over-demanding parents, in particular his Pisces father Earl. Success was the only option. And succeed he did from the very beginning.

But by the time he started winning the biggest tournaments in the world, fresh out of Stanford, Tiger’s life had been so micro-focused on success that he had never had a chance to cut loose, to have fun, to be a horny adolescent and frankly to live any sembalence of a fun, ‘normal’ life.  So when he had clearly confidently reached the apex, he began to party harty- to make up for never getting to enjoy anything naughty or extravagant for practically his whole life. He saw these as his spoils for reaching the top.

When he met his wife Elin Nordegren, he truly did meet his match, astrologically speaking. She, like him, is a Capricorn, totally dedicated to the same Capricorn value system: patience, responsibility, dedication, discretion, tradition, and authenticity that had been drilled into him his entire life. Finding that in the package of an educated, reserved, Swedish bikini model made this match a no-brainer.

But Tiger still saw his chicks on the side as both a rightly earned accolade of his success and a good old F.U. in the face of everyone in high school and college who had bedded the babes while he was toiling away. His moon in the excessive, extravagant and party-loving sign of Sagittarius only compounded this desire. Capricorn men, especially those who grow up in such an unbalanced way (being forced mentally, physically, emotionally to support the family and carry huge burdens) tend to have an especially pronounced Madonna/whore complex. A very rigid set of values are dug so deeply into them that must find a life mate who matches this ideal (Elin) but also hunger for a life completely and utterly removed, both physically and socially, from their highly scripted trail. So trashy types on the Vegas strip fit this description all too well. The fact that he carried on full fledged ‘relationships’ with many of these ladies only reinforce a real desire to break from from a life that was chosen for him.The only thing to surprise me so far is that only one ‘cougar’ has been identified- Capricorn men and women both tend to gravitate towards much older or much younger men and women.

Like the hard-working, diligent and attentive man that he is, he will undoubtedly bounce back and stay on top for years to come but he may never be able to reconcile the values that are so important to him with a well-rounded and complete social life that satisfies him.