Heidi Klum: Uber-Gemini

Heidi Klum is not only an ubermodel,  ubermogul, and ubermother she is also an uber-Gemini: both her sun and her moon fall into the sign of the twins. And indeed Heidi is the ultimate Gemini: friendly, communicative, enterprising and very multifaceted.

Never one to cool her heels, fresh off the birth of her fourth child this fall (little Libra Lou Samuel), it has been announced that Heidi is coming out with not one but TWO maternity lines.. there goes the Gemini again, two is always better than one for those twins. One line is more glam oriented, the other is more casual. Fashion-wise, Geminis are the ultimate mix-and-matchers, dressing to suit their moods with quite an affinity for accessories. Heidi never seems to tire of new projects, and she loves it! Last year she told a magazine:

“I love the sense of spontaneity about my life and my job. Everyday is different and you just don’t know what to expect. I’m a Gemini so I get bored easily. We famously get bored very fast. We always have to keep ourselves on our feet and entertained. And I never have a dull moment between my modeling, hosting, producing, photos and commercials. If everything would be same, well that would not be any fun!”