Good & Bad Virgo

In the great tradition of totally addictive programming, Bravo has been airing a show about uber-stylist Rachel Zoe, “The Rachel Zoe Project”. This fall, well after the end of their second season, it was announced that Taylor, Rachel’s #1 gal had left her job with the company. This news was not entirely unexpected as a major plotline for the entire series has been Taylor’s persistent threats to quit. And however passive-aggressive and bitchy Taylor’s behavior with her underling Brad might be, her threats aimed at Zoe were certainly warranted.

An accurate birthdate (or year anyway) for Zoe is up for debate. She is however most definitely a Virgo and she often refers to herself as a “triple Virgo”. Whether this is factually accurate or more metaphorical is unknown but she most certainly acts like a triple Virgo, exacerbating and exaggerating both the negative and positive sides of the sign.

On the positive side she is clearly extremely hard working, determined, loyal, service-oriented, discriminating, and detail saavy. No small detail of any of her styling jobs is overlooked.

However her biggest drawback seems to be that in her complete and utter adherence to the smallest most specific details about her styling job, she is totally unable to see the forest from the trees. She has moved on, or has been hoping to move on, from being one of the most successful and celebrated stylists working today into more entrepreneurial ventures; becoming a tv star, starting a jewelry and clothing line, licensing her name for various other projects, in other words creating a brand. This involves an entirely different set of skills than styling, skills that Zoe has clearly struggled (in front of the camera) to master. In order to grow your company effectively you must have a strong, loyal team around you whom you clearly delegate to, trust and compensate fairly.

But in the Virgo tradition of being perfectionistic and self-reliant, Rachel Zoe seems to have no ability to delegate responsibilities to others and create a balanced and smooth working environment. She is literally trying to do everything by herself and when she can’t she leaves others in her wake confused and under-prepared to catch the rest of the slack (Who can forget the sight of Taylor- and her parents!!- packing up dozens of boxes on a Sunday because nobody scheduled an intern to do it). Zoe must have noticed at this point that those with much weaker brands and less power have managed to leverage their success into burgeoning empires much more effortlessly.

Health problems, specifically stomach problems, like she has been experiencing are also associated with Virgo, especially Virgos who are out of balance, as Zoe most definitely is. So Rachel, get well and delegate responsibilities to your new team!!