Saturn in Libra & the Cardinal Cross


Saturn, the planet of restriction and realism, transited from Virgo into Libra on October 29 at 1:09 PM EST. Saturn’s shift from one sign to the next is always important but its movement into Libra holds special significance. This is an extremely important time for all of us, so pay special attention!

To begin with, Libra is the 1st sign of the second half of the zodiac. While the signs of first half of the zodiac (the signs Aries through Virgo) represent the personal world and personal experience, the second half of the zodiac (Libra through Pisces) represents the outer world. It begins with Libra, which appropriately represents balance- the balance between our personal experience and our place in the larger world, among other things. Thus, with Saturn bringing CONSEQUENCE, we will see during Saturn’s transit of Libra- which lasts until April 5, 2012- the consequences of our actions in the larger world. We will have to reassess and re-negotiate our relationships with others.

Secondly, Saturn was in Libra only July 4, 1776- the birthday of America. Thus for our country, this is a pivotal time, a Saturn return. The results and consequences of our policy and national behavior for the past 29 years, since the last time Saturn was in Libra, will make themselves manifest, for better or for worse.

Saturn is also dignified in Libra. This is an ancient classification of planets who have an affinity for particular signs. This means that essentially Saturn really “likes” being in Libra- it can really exert its will effectively in that sign. Saturn has a particular enjoyment of its transit through Libra because Libra represents equality and justice and there is nothing that Saturn enjoys more than re-distribution based on merit. We can expect an awful lot of “justice” to be doled out in the coming years.

Finally, as Saturn crosses the cusp of Libra it activates the “Cardinal Cross” that is the marker of our coming years astrologically. The cusps of the four cardinal signs- Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn- are the most sensative energy point in the zodiac. Planets opposing or squaring one another along these lines have special potency. Pluto began this aspect as it crossed the Capricorn cusp last fall. With Saturn now in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn, the Cardinal cross is in effect. These planets are in hard aspect to a third planet, Uranus, which is now in late Pisces. When Uranus moves into Aries in May 2010, the cardinal cross will be at its most potent.

The period of time in 2010 when Saturn is in early Libra, Uranus is in early Aries and Pluto is in early Capricorn, will be exceptionally important and transformative. When the moon or other planets cross over early Cancer during 2010, important events will be triggered.

It is the belief of many astrologers, including myself, that this cardinal cross is the epic astrological event that corresponds with the type of apocalyptic “2012” scenario that is gaining momentum in our culture. A fundamental transformation of our way of life is under way. Our entire value system will be re-made (Libra loves a good make-over! Sorry to make a joke but it is all quite intense). So keep in mind… now is not the time for frivolity so if you want to make it through the Libra in Saturn and the cardinal cross intact it would be wise to keep your head down, work hard, be fair and truthful in all of your endeavors and live in accordance with your highest values.

With those goals in mind we can anticipate a very positive transformation. Pluto promises deep and meaningful change, and this could hopefully come in the reconciliations of the two opposites- Saturn (the rigid Western materialist view of the universe) and Uranus (the indefinable energy of innovation and synchronicity that is more associated with an intuitive integrated view of the universe). When more people in the world are able to see that these two views of life are not necessarily dichotomous but can, and indeed MUST, be reconciled, terrific advances in both consciousness and knowledge will follow.