Dear Pisces,

Well it has been an interesting few years hasn’t it, dear Pisces? You have kind of been going through the ringer with obstacles over here, indecision over there, and a prevailing wind of chaos in your life. Just when you may be ready to throw up your hands and (mistakenly) accept that this is your lot in life.. I come with good news! 

First of all, this is not your lot in life. It has been a very stressful drawn out opposition between rebellious Uranus in your sign and stern Saturn opposite your sign in Virgo doling out the ‘big life lessons’. But it is finally wrapping up and will be moving on to ‘bless’ those in the next pair of opposite signs- Aries & Libra- with its wisdom soon enough. Especially for those of you born at the beginning of Pisces, break out the champagne because the drama is all but over. Those of you born closer to the end, there will still be some more of the same but you will be feeling a WHOLE lot better as you confront it. You are practically a pro by now. 

Secondly, you have a year ahead so stellar in aspects that even those bossy Leos would be jealous. In fact, your new moon this year falls in the house presided over by that most self-confident of signs, Leo, the 5th house- which also has rulership over love affairs, fun, personal creative pursuits, romance, parties, games and children. YAY! You are a deeply creative person, Pisces, and part of your struggle recently has been how to make that fit with the greater career world and sometimes it felt like jamming a square peg into a round hole. This year, you will discover with no small amount of delight, that by simply doing your own thing and paying absolutely no heed (or almost no heed) to what anyone else thinks or wants you will not only be a wellspring of creative momentum, but also that others will practically be falling all over themselves to help you.

You are aided in this by Libra on your ascendant this year, making you beautiful, sociable and pleasant to be around. Your social life is all but destined to be kicked up a notch this year and you will meet plenty of interesting new people. Venus in Aries, in your 7th house of relationships (the house ruled by Libra) is also another strong indicator that while you are feeling as confident and self-directed as ever (5th house sun and moon) you are easily able to balance this with your desire for harmony in your personal relationships. It seems partnerships will in fact be important in helping you with your goals, but these partnerships and relationships will come to you, you will not have to struggle and seek them out. 

Powerful Pluto in your 3rd house of communication indicates a time when you are truly becoming aware of your personal perspective. In fact, combined with the strong Leo influence, that could really be described as the big story for you this year. As a Pisces you see beauty and inspiration in so many things that at times it has been difficult for you to distill your unique vision. This year, you will not only be able to put your finger on the pulse of it.. but to share this with others clearly and to find the right home and audience for your talents.

Home is another interesting word this year. You will certainly find a “home” for your work and perspective. The conjunction of Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius straddles your 4th and 5th house cusps- the 4th house being the house of home and family. Cancer- the sign associated with the 4th house- is also ruling your career sector. The truth is that this is actually a rather private time for you. All of your planets this year, save Venus and Saturn, fall below the horizon indicating an emphasis on yourself, so while you will be finding your place in the grander scheme of things- that will almost be incidental. Focus on yourself now, which for you ever generous, ever sympathetic Pisces is quite a more difficult prescription than it seems! Don’t let the exciting sociable Libra aspects suck you in too deeply, balance them with some time spent reflectively and play your career cards rather close to the vest, even though exciting things are happening. 

You may have already guessed it but with Libra on the ascendant, the sun and moon in the 5th house of romance and true love, and sexy Venus in the 7th house of partnerships… Love is in the air. If this is an area of life that has been suffering the turbulence of the Saturn/Uranus opposition, then you may have a fresh breath of air to look forward to here. Venus in Aries is feisty and changeable though so while it will probably not be all be poetry and candles on the beach it is sure to be an exciting adventure.  It could be an Aries, Aquarius, Libra or Leo who catches your eye (or some of each!). If you are committed already, the 5th house emphasis could bring out some discussions about expanding the family or even a visit from the stork. 

Of course no Pisces discussion would be complete without paying a wee bit of attention to the troublesome Uranus/Saturn opposition which this year falls in your 6th (Uranus) and 12th (Saturn) houses. Saturn in the 12th is reminding you to integrate fully all of the things that you have been learning throughout the past few years and when used constructively can help you with all of that articulation of your vision that we have been discussing. Uranus in the 6th is helping you pay better attention to your health (again, part of the whole taking care of yourself thing). You may have some surprises in that area this year but just take them as a sign to find a routine that you are truly able to maintain. 

So bottom line.. enough with the bleeding heart BS Pisces!! Now is the time for you and don’t let anyone or anything sway you from taking care of yourself and tending to your goals. You will be more clear than ever about what those goals are and people will notice. So keep doing your thing, make sure your home life and relationships {personal and professional} are happy and harmonious, and embrace a time of personal creative satisfaction and fun. 


APRIL 2009: Your social life is buzzing and you could meet some very interesting people right now. Don’t expect a lot from the get go but certainly get yourself out of the house and enjoy some good times. 

JULY 2009: A career breakthrough is sure to happen this month. Be a good listener and feel out the situation. There will be room for you to put your stamp on it later.

OCTOBER 2009: Some of your projects will finally be coming to fruition. Take pride in your accomplishments and share your happiness with everyone else in your life. 

JANUARY 2010: Any type of real estate related venture that you have been pursuing will be highlighted this month so move forward with confidence.