Tom & Gisele Forever


February 26, 2009 Santa Monica, CA 5:50 PM

Last week the two most beautiful people on the planet were married (sorry Brad and Angie but it’s true). Obviously we want to know all about what their marriage will be like, and we can find out! 

The sun was in Pisces, indicating that their relationship and marriage is driven by a very romantic, intuitive, karmic kind of bond. This is not a nuts and bolts business-y kind of marriage. In fact they both will probably shy away from being in charge of handling that logistical part of their life together. Pisces is also a very moody and unpredictable sign so as a couple they will tend take off and disappear and leave everyone confused from time to time. 

The moon sign for their marriage is Aries. Very impulsive and action oriented. Again, as a couple they will act swiftly on their instincts and move ahead regardless of what other people or obstacles might be in the way. They don’t want to be bound by other peoples restrictions. This Pisces/Aries combo is interesting because it mirrors the Water and Fire of their sun signs. Tom is an aggressive Leo, while Gisele is an emotional Cancer. Their Leo/Cancer personalities fit well with their Pisces/Aries marriage. 

On the more tricky side, the Saturn/Uranus opposition that is happening right now falls into their sensitive 1st/7th house axis. While they may just want to gaze at each other in Lala-land forever (Pisces), with Virgo on the ascendant and Saturn in the 1st house, they will have to spend more time dealing with responsibility and details and planning more than they would want to. This will be especially annoying because of crazy Uranus in the 7th house of others representing all the  people who want a piece of them. Practicality and details are again reinforced by their Pisces sun and the massive Aquarius stellium (Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron, Mercury) all in their 6th house of health and routine. This is the downside of being a jetsetter. 

This will most certainly stress their marriage. And with the moon in hot-headed Aries in a nearly exact square (within one degree) with dark Pluto in Capricorn.. they may not handle annoyance and changes of plan so gracefully. While Aries blows up and gets over things quickly, Pluto holds on to emotional wounds and plots revenge. Eek. Overall though, the masculine and feminine seem well balanced in this chart, and it is clearly the chart of a relationship of people who want to do things their own way- the Tom and Gisele way… if only we could all be so lucky.

UPDATE: According to a different media outlet, the ceremony began around 6:10 and the marriage was official at 6:30. The difference between 5:50 and 6:30 PM is an important one. This would shift some of the planets in the Aquarius stellium {Mars, Mercury and Jupiter to be exact} into their 5th house of love, fun, romance and children. This is *much* better than having all those lucky planets in the fussy 6th house. But the above analysis still stands, especially as the tough Uranus/Saturn opposition on their ASC/DSC line is even more pronounced and troublesome. But at least they will have lots more fun and lots more gorgeous babies, as maternal Cancer Gisele has always stated was her desire!

Let this be a reminder to all of you future brides and grooms out there.. Check with an astrologer when you are planning your wedding!! Really, it is quite silly to have five meetings to discuss potential cocktail napkins and none to discuss the eternal stamp of the stars on your union. Don’t you agree? After all, western culture is the only culture in the world who pays no need astrology when planning marriages and we have the highest divorce rates.. Hmm..