Kanye and Alanis in Love


Ok, so Kanye West and Alanis Morrissette are not really in love.. or at least not with each other.. or at least not as far as I know. But I am kind of in love with both of them right now and these two musicians are very astrologically similar. 

Both Kanye and Alanis are Geminis, the great communicators of the zodiac. They need to express themselves all the time and many Geminis are talented writers. Clearly, both Kanye and Alanis fall into this category. And while the sun sign shows ones basic orientation to the world (communicator), the moon sign shows ones emotional nature and both of these artists have intense Water sign moons. Kanye’s moon sign is the intuitive, romantic Pisces while Alanis’s moon sign is the passtionate, probing Scorpio. 

This combination of Air sun sign and Water moon sign, makes for people who feel passionately and strongly about their relationships and experiences and also have the need to integrate and communicate the lessons they have learned in a thoughtful, rational way.

And this is what their music is all about. They are completely open, honest and often brutal, in their observations of themselves and the world. And both artists are famous for their heartfelt love and breakup songs. They express the vulnerability, passion, rawness, anger, desire, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, angst and sorrow that everyone has experienced as meaningful relationships come and go from their life. Bringing these emotions to the surface in an articulate way is a true gift of the Air/Water personality.