Sexy Aries 2009

mandymoore_21On February 2nd, the sexy, sultry goddess of a planet Venus slid into Aries. While Venus usually makes her rounds through the zodiac quickly, rarely gracing one sign with her presence for more than a month, she has decided that 2009 would be a great time to shower Aries with her affection and she will be residing in this feisty, hot-blooded sign through early June. With Venus having rulership over our love nature, and being especially important in the charts of women, we should all get ready for what is sure to be an exciting adventure. 

While Venus usually likes to express herself in subtle, graceful ways (through her favorite signs Taurus and Libra) in Aries her more aggressive, determined side comes out. Anyone who knows a female Aries can tell you that this woman wants what she wants and usually gets it- NOW. Especially in the love department. These are the women who confound their boyfriends with their disarmingly un-mushy behavior, and often suffer from a decidedly low attention span with their helpless male suitors. 

All women will be feeling this Aries tingle in their love lives for the next several months. Perhaps this has something to do with the strange shift in sexual power dynamics that is happening as a result of our unfortunate economic climate. Women are no longer conniving their way into the good graces of the macho providers of the good old stock market bubble days, but rather have morphed into ambiguously patient partners coaxing their nervous lovers through troubled times while also recognizing the obvious opportunity to demand that more of their own needs get met. 

Aries themselves, both male and female, will of course be feeling this energy the most intensely. Just in the past week it has been announced that two Aries Hollywood beauties, Claire Danes and Mandy Moore, both with an impressive checklist of attractive ex-boyfriends (all Aries women do), have gotten engaged. Expect more of this in the months to come. 

If you are a single Aries, get thee out of the house and to some parties because you will be a shining, sexy magnet for the next 4 months. If you are an Aries who is madly in love, these could be some of the best months of your life. If you are an Aries who is attached but unhappy, get unattached fast so you can cash in on this action. 

To a slightly lesser extent, this energy will be affecting Libra, the opposite sign of Aries. Because Aries falls in Libra’s partnership sector in the zodiac, the love lives of Libras will be decidedly more dramatic than usual. This could either titillate or terrify the aloof Libras who are quite disarmed by such assertive, determined and seemingly reckless behavior showing up in their personal lives. Relax, Libra, you will almost certainly enjoy it!

Just remember though, Venus in Aries will be retrograde through most of March, which adds an even more chaotic and unpredictable aura to this already impulsive energy. Best to avoid getting down on bended knee this month. Also, if you are feeling the makeover itch, which Venus in Aries also inspires, don’t do anything too dramatic in March.. it will most certainly not turn out quite as you had hoped. 

But everyone should enjoy Venus in Aries! And women take note: Ask for what you want. Or just demand it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!