SAG Awards Astro Trends

The most noticeable thing about the SAG Awards red carpet this weekend was how shockingly similar everybody looked.. classic sheaths, simple jewels. Where is the fun in fashion these days?! As usual, however, there was some astrologically oriented fashion clustering:

THE AIR SIGNS: BLUE. Geminis, Libras and Aquarians love the color blue, even more than the water signs do. This is because they are very abstract and more or less live with their head permanently in the clouds. Air signs also tend to pick their clothes more based on their mood than any other factors, which accounts for why the actual style runs the gamut from comfy (Angie) to sexy (Kate) to romantic (Frieda). 

56581418GEMINI Angelina Jolie

56582325                                               LIBRA Kate Winslet

15LIBRA Freida Pinto

EARTH SIGNS: AGE-INAPPROPRIATE. Whether it was Evan Rachel Wood and Rosario Dawson looking too old for their age, or Katrina Bowden and Tina Fey looking like high schoolers, the usually gracious earth signs seem rather awkward. Their obsession with rich materials is in full effect though. The only one who pulls it off is the always flawless Penelope Cruz. 

36VIRGO Evan Rachel Wood

2009-screen-actors-guild-awards-best-dressed-4                                                    TAURUS Rosario Dawson

large-msg-123293731443-3TAURUS Tina Fey

71                                                    VIRGO Katrina Bowden

penelope_cruz_2262363TAURUS Penelope Cruz

THE WATER SIGNS: ROMANTIC JEWELED ACCENTS. The true romantics of the zodiac, the Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios picked dresses that had some sexy flourish. Forget simplicity, they need some exciting complications thrown in there (with their fashion and with their relationships). 

0d-1SCORPIO Anne Hathaway

2f                                                     PISCES Eva Longoria-Parker

8dPISCES Jenna Fischer

69                                       CANCER Mindy Kaling

THE FIRE SIGNS: LOOK AT ME! You can always count on the opulent fire signs to bring it on the red carpet. Bright colors! Crazy designs! Strange makeup! All this and more is in the bag of tricks used by Aries, Sagittarians and Leos to make sure they stand out from the crowd. 

56580984ARIES America Ferrera

db                                                       SAGITTARIUS Teri Hatcher

60d3401e4e3a8983_amy2009-screen-actors-guild-awards-best-dressedLEO Amy Adams

2009-screen-actors-guild-awards-best-dressed-8                                       ARIES Claire Danes

large-msg-123300761917-3SAGITTARIUS Christina Applegate

large-msg-123300763371-3                                                      SAGITTARIUS Nicolette Sheridan