Dear Capricorn,

Brace yourself: you have been waiting a very long time for a year like this. And it is unfolding just as you always planned; all eyes on you, career advancements in every direction, underlings waiting with baited breath, money pouring into your bank account. You will be feeling the power. The only problem is that sometimes you feel like you can’t control it. Like it is there nurturing you, feeding you, but you can’t quite find it’s source… it is just out of reach. All you know is that it is strong and you hope that it continues to work in your favor. 

Otherwise you may have to make some serious changes. If you are at a place in your life where you are unhappy, where you can’t remember why or how you ended up here in the first place- expect this to be a year of major transformation. How smoothly it goes depends on you. If you get in touch with that most private, emotional part of yourself and really dig deep- walls could come crashing down and you could end up in a more authentic place than you have been in ages. Or ever. If you resist, then expect the unexpected. Things will be changing with or without your permission. 

While you may be tempted to take advantage of the power that is being thrust upon you this year, resist the urge to get consumed. There will be a lot of people watching from the wings, curious to see how you are going to handle yourself. Do not give them any ammunition that they can use against you. And spend time privately trying to access and identify your underlying motivations and feelings, through meditation or therapy or any other such means. You can easily get swept away by the strength of all of this energy if you are not careful to understand and control your behavior. 

I know.. this all sounds so unlike you dear, patient, controlled Capricorn! But when it rains it pours and this is one of those years for you when everything is just happening. You can’t help but feel like you are teetering between having a lot of power at your fingertips but also being overwhelmed. In addition to getting in touch with your emotions and motivations, another thing that can greatly assist you in dealing with all of this excitement is being clear and effective in communicating yourself to others. Neither of these things are necessarily your strong suit. You prefer to hold your cards a bit close to the vest and certainly are not in the habit of sharing your deepest feelings with the masses, but this year it could be learning these very skills that help you use all of this powerful energy to your best advantage. Especially if your message mixes a healthy dose of optimism with the no-nonsense bottom line approach that you are known for, you cannot go wrong. In other words- don’t be a bearer of bad news; provide solutions as well. 

You are known to have a very keen business sense and this year you may surprise even those closest to you with the radical innovative investment vehicles you are pursuing. Anything science or technology centric could be a big money maker. Just be very, very careful that you do not pick anything water related (yes, Dubai is sinking) and that you have complete trust with which ever other party you are working with. That is your most obvious danger zone this year; a disagreement or misunderstanding about your money and other peoples money. Be exceptionally thorough in dealing with these matters. 

With all of this emphasis on you, don’t forget to shower your partner with love and affection. With the nearly exact conjunction of Venus and Neptune in your chart you have a capacity this year- when you make time for it- to truly be a sex god or goddess so use it! Pull out all the stops and take romance to the next level. That is an area, after all, where even you won’t mind straddling the line between control and abandon. 


FEBRUARY 2009: Love, sex, money, technology, mystery… This month is sure to be a wild ride. Get carried away.. but not too far. 

JULY 2009: Approval from others for all of your plans is finally coming together. Listen to what everyone has to say rather than push.

NOVEMBER 2009: If you have been feeling like this whole transformation thing is not happening so strongly, it will certainly be happening strongly now! Only make choices you are truly comfortable with.