Giving Geminis a bad name


So you can imagine my surprise when the subject of astrology came up- not once but twice- on the supremely boring yet totally addictive new MTV “reality” show “The City”. During a night on the town, Whitney Port and her new BF, skeezy rocker Jay, get quizzed by her best friend character, Erin:

ERIN: What sign are you guys?

WHITNEY: I’m a Pisces.

JAY: Gemini.

ERIN: Aren’t you supposed to be, like, two faced and crazy?

JAY: {Big grin and enthusiastic head nodding}

Awkward silence: Whitney is deciding whether or not she can trust Jay, whom she has heard is still seeing an ex-girlfriend.

Way to go Jay, to not only make yourself but all of us Geminis out there, look terrible. His response is easily way more offensive than Erin (who never shares her sign)’s nasty, misinformed astrological synopsis.

Jay is upset after being called out at the club. The next day he and Whitney head to brunch at Extra Virgin.

JAY: I don’t feel like I am going to be in a very good mood today.

WHITNEY: You’re not. I can see it.

JAY: You can see it?

WHITNEY: I can feel it.

JAY: So now you are seeing the other side of my Gemini.

Um, yeah Jay, don’t blame your crazy cheating ways on being a Gemini. And then to blame your moodiness on it too! Too much.

Don’t believe him, Whitney, Geminis are not inherently two faced and moody. It’s just him. And Pisces and Gemini are not a good match.