Dear Sagittarius,

This is looking to be an epic year for you. You have never been guided much by status, money or financial position as goals in your life… you have always been more of a free spirited adventurer. If somebody wanted to pay you well for your escapades, all the better. And while your motivations will not necessarily change this year, you will realize with no small amount of satisfaction that your own brand of intelligent irreverence is much in demand and very marketable!

In fact, there may be a full blown career revolution happening in your life. You are getting more and more focused in your efforts, and enjoying every minute of it. And while others have had trouble understanding you in the past (truth be told you have had a little bit of trouble understanding yourself!), this year you are capable of being clear and direct with your intentions and communication.

That is not to say that you won’t still leave others scratching their head from time to time. With quirky, innovative Aquarius on your ascendant, and wildcard Uranus in your 1st house of self, you will certainly be beating to your own drum. But you will be calm, precise and deliberate with your focus, and others will catch on more easily than you think.

But something you must remember is that you cannot force others to see things your way. You are feeling very inspired right now and are seeing things very clearly. You have an audience and they want more, but they might not be seeing exactly what you think you are showing them. So what? Who cares? Andy Warhol did not sit around and argue with people about the meaning of his Campbell’s soup paintings.. he let people interpret them how they pleased. Take note. Don’t ruin all of your creative genius right now by trying to win everyone over to your side. A little bit of mystery will only add to your allure.

On the flip side, don’t get so carried away by your creative fantasies that you are really out in left field alone. Again, everyone will be noticing but not so much in a good way. If you like to party (and what Sag doesn’t), so be it, but don’t get too carried away.

There is major potential for you to find “your people” this year if you just relax, focus and stay true to yourself. That best friend who loves all the same movies and travel spots as you, they might finally appear! If you are involved with any type of political or spiritual organization, get more involved. You could really find yourself quickly thrust into a powerful, and possibly very lucrative, leadership position. Your popularity will be undeniable. And if you don’t love your current job, you will also find luck in any type of technology venture. In fact, if power, prestige and money are what you are after you may very well find yourself attracting opportunities in this arena like you used to attract free shots at the bar. After all, you are an optimistic Sagittarius; I mean you didn’t really believe in any of that recession mumbo-jumbo anyways!


JANUARY 2009: You are in your groove and things are going your way naturally. The big break you have been waiting for could arrive. 

APRIL 2009: If you are looking to make an investment, now is the time. You may even be offered an unexpected shot at some additional income; go for it.. it could pay off way bigger than you think. 

JULY 2009: Love is in the air. You will also succeed in getting others to appreciate your work and art so enjoy the limelight.