December 2, 1981 Mahon, MS 1:30 A.M.

The phenomenon known as Britney Spears turns 27 today. While some pop icons fade in and our of the collective consciousness, nobody since Leo Madonna, has captured the fascination of the world quite like Sagittarius Britney Spears has since she burst onto the scene ten years ago. As she opens up to the public candidly this week for the first time in ages, we can look also past her words and into her birth chart for some more revelations about her life and personality.

Britney is a prototypical Sagittarius: adventurous, active, open, trusting, extroverted, humorous, restless, optimistic, spiritual, athletic, grandoise, exaggerated. Her sun in Sagittarius is also joined by two other planets; Mercury, the planet of communication, and Uranus, the planet of freedom and rebellion. This is very indicative of her personality. She has the need to communicate with her audience and she is a talented songwriter (Mercury) and desperately wants to be understood. But she also has a tremendous need for freedom and independence (Uranus). This is exacerbated even more by her moon in Aquarius, the sign associated with Uranus. The moon sign shows ones emotional nature and what they need in relationships. Moon in Aquarius people are alternately dedicated and dispassionate. Her first true love, Justin Timberlake, is an Aquarius and he would have known how to take care of her emotionally.

In astrology the rising sign shows ones exterior personality and Britney’s rising sign is the sociable, people-pleasing sign of Libra. She is friendly and enjoys being around people, she is charming but also can get lost trying to make up her mind or trying to please everybody else. The first house in astrology shows what other people can “see” about you and with Saturn, planet of hardship, and Pluto, planet of transformation, in this house, it shows that her struggles are very much on display for all to see. But also that she has the power to constantly transform peoples image of her. Madonna also has Pluto near the ascendant. 

Britney has Jupiter, the planet of good luck, in Scorpio in her 2nd house of personal finance. Hello $$$$. But her four planets in Sagittarius, including her sun, all fall into her 3rd house of communication, again reiterating the need that she has to be heard and understood, something that she seems frustrated by in her life at this point. Writing could be a wonderful form of therapy for her as well as staying fit and active like all Sagittarians need. 

Venus, planet of love and beauty, in her 4th house of home and motherhood is an indication of her strong need for a comfortable, private place to spend time. It also points towards her close bond with her own mother (for most of her life at least) and her massive desire to become a young mother herself. The 4th house is ruled by the moon, however, so has a tendency to be very moody and changeable. She clearly has a difficult time being consistent with these matters. 

Her moon in Aquarius is in her 5th house of personal creativity and true love, the house ruled by Leo. This is the part of her that loves to perform and create. It is also the part of her that throws herself head first into all of her new relationships, after all, the Sagittarius energy loves attention, the Libra energy is hopelessly romantic and the 5th house makes you want life to be one big party. With Timberlake’s Aquarius sun falling within her 5th house of true love, and ex-husband Kevin Federline’s Aries sun falling exactly onto her descendant, the angle that symbolizes partnership and marriage, both of these relationships seem very fated astrologically. There is no doubt she had a strong connection with both but perhaps wasn’t ready.

One of the most fascinating, and telling, things about Britney’s birthchart is her Mars in Virgo in her 12th house. Mars is the planet of action, showing how you go about doing things. Mars in Virgo has a perfectionistic, detail-oriented quality. Britney is apparently quite a perfectionist when it comes to her art but this is a part of her the public rarely sees, not surprising considering the 12th house is the house that is associated with all that is hidden. People have trouble understanding the MOTIVATIONS of planets that lie in their 12th house, as though they are being obscured. Thus Britney may truly have a difficult time understanding the motivations of her own actions (Mars). She is more of a reactor than an actor. 

Another fascinating, and counter-intuitive, thing about Britney’s chart is that virtually all of her planets, save Mars in the 12th house, lie below the horizon. A person who has most of their planets below the horizon is motivated by their own personal wants, needs, desires and creativity, rather than being motivated by external forces or a desire to find their place in a larger scheme. So while Britney’s Sagittarius/Aquarius/Libra personality is very extroverted and sociable, she is actually much more concerned with her personal life than with her public life. 

For the past year Uranus, planet of unpredictability, in Pisces has been in a tough opposition with her natal Mars in Virgo, making her behavior very erratic, even by her own standards. Saturn in Virgo passing through her 12th house beginning last February, right around the time she shaved her head and was hospitalized, ushered in a time of consequences (Saturn) for her previous behavior, as the 12th house is the final chapter in a cycle. 

COMING UP: A lot is on the horizon for Britney in the coming years. This February, lucky Jupiter will pass over Britney’s moon in Aquarius restoring some of her emotional confidence and playfulness. She could even very well meet a lucky someone special. Transiting Pluto will also be also be going over the cusp of her house of home and family this coming year, so expect constant evolution and change (Pluto) in her home life and in her role as daughter and mother (4th house). 

Her upcoming year will be very focused, however, on her career and it looks like her comeback tour will be a huge success and she will really be enjoying working. However, her sun in the private 8th house of psychology and personal transformation shows that ultimately she is also working on reconciling with herself. This can be a difficult and lonely process, but with Jupiter on her house of partnerships she does have a lot of genuine support from the people in her life.

But Saturn in Virgo transiting through her 12th house of consequences is still a major factor. It will not be until December 2009 that Saturn moves over the cusp of her ascendant in Libra, out of the 12th house, and truly ushers in a new chapter of her life. We can expect her to be dealing with her past failures, as well as reaping the rewards of her renewed effort in her career, until then. Her fathers conservatorship over her affairs will also likely remain in place until then. 

In 2010, her ascendant will be the homey, mothering sign of Cancer and her sun will be in her 5th house of creativity, true love and children. This year will be much more focused on her private life than on her career. She will be spending more time with her children and even having fun! The 5th house is associated with good old-fashion fun, so this should be quite a relief for her after all that she has been through. 

2012/2013 will be the next major turning point in Britney’s life where she returns to shock the world once again. This time, though, she will be in full control over her life and career and will be loving it. While Leo will be strong in her career and she will be in the public eye, her progressed ascendant will be moving into private Scorpio giving her more control over her image and her privacy. Major aspects in her love life as well as her career are strong during this time and she could easily remarry during this period.