Dear Scorpio,

You are not generally accused of being a pushover. Even though you like the idea of peace, harmony and balance in your life and relationships very much, you like getting your way even better. And in a certain sense it is working on a happy medium between these two extremes that will characterize your year ahead. 

In the coming year, your sun, moon, Mars and Mercury will all be in the sixth house of details, effort, health, daily routine, maintenance, and craftsmanship. More or less the daily grind. You are wrapped up in whatever it is that you are doing and you are in the zone. Long term plans are certainly a big part of your life but right now you are in the midst of doing all of the small chores that will ultimately land you exactly where you want to be. And with Mars and Mercury assisting your sun and moon, you are truly feeling something that you enjoy quite a lot; a tremendous solidarity of effort and purpose. You are taking your time and lining up the puzzle pieces just as you want them and are quite content in this effort.

You are so content with this as a matter of fact, that all you really want at the end of the day is an easy slice of home life to let you relax for a little while. This is where things may get tricky. Perhaps for the first time in quite a while you are not ruling your kingdom with a velvet glove, maneuvering your lovers and friends into aquiescing to your desires, but rather you are being relatively easy going, engulfed as your are in your personal projects. So why is it now that they are throwing all kinds of obstacles your way?? 

You just want some peace and quiet in the evening and they want to re-run the list of problems you have been going over together for ages. You do charming, thoughtful things to please them and this only leads to conversations about why you couldn’t have engaged in this behavior sooner! Oh, Scorpio, it must seem terribly unfair. With Uranus in your house of friends, even your pals are behaving in a wildly unpredictable and sometimes annoying manner. You can honestly say that you just want everybody to be happy and free so why is this happening to you?

Well, there is a heavy Virgo emphasis in your chart this year and Virgo is very fussy and meticulous. You, of course, are spinning this to your advantage, at least in your professional life. But it seems like it is being used against you in your personal life. Saturn, planet of reality and consequences, is in Virgo in your 5th house of true love and romance. This is an interesting placement. For some of you, the uncomfortable questions that Saturn raises here will bring the remaining relationship issues out into the front to be resolved, paving the way for a more serious commitment, even marriage. If this is you, then congratulations. This placement can be a positive influence if you are realistic and sincere about owning up to the issues that you have created and truly listening to your partner.

Others of you could find yourself at the make it or break it point of your relationship. Jupiter in Capricorn informs this aspect as well, reminding you that for every action there is an equal reaction. Keep this in mind as you sort out your relationship situations. If you are single there is a strong chance that you could meet somebody special this year, just get ready for all of these issues to play themselves out there as well. It will be intense!

Your mind is really on your career this year as you are feeling more clear and focused in your direction than you have recently, but inter-personal relations are certainly going to be demanding a fair amount of your attention. But there are several fascinating lessons to be learned from this, dear Scorpio. First, is perhaps that you cannot control everything all the time, even you can only have your eye on so many balls at once. Especially during the times that you are focused on one thing, the universe may throw a lot more your way for consideration.  Secondly, while these aspects certainly seem heavily weighted towards the romance side of your life, these questions of behavior and harmony in relationships, are certainly much greater. Take this time to consider how you treat all of the people in your life and how they have been experiencing their relationship with you, and make any necessary adjustments.

Finally, you are really in the midst of a wonderful period of identifying your relationship with the world at large right now; who you want to be in the bigger picture, where you fit in and what your legacy will be. This is genuine and empowering. Heeding the lessons you are learning in your personal life will help you get there better, stronger and faster than ever.


FEBRUARY 2009: Now is your moment in the sun, Career wise, so enjoy it. Just be sure to stick to the facts, not speculation or fantasy, and you will come out shining. 

JUNE 2009: You are finally feeling like the dark cloud has lifted a bit and will really be enjoying the lightheartedness of early summer. You could make some great contacts now. 

AUGUST 2009: You will be a happy camper, enjoying high summer with friends and family.. try to take a break from your non-stop working.