The Jonas Brothers: Don’t Date Saggs


It is no big secret that tween girls all over America are heartbroken that they don’t have a JoBro to call their own. However, it seems, even the girls who have managed to snag these adolescent lotharios have a whole lot of drama in their lives. 

Middle Jonas, Joe, has recently ended his relationship with country music cutie Taylor Swift. Joe is a vain Leo, known to be more slightly more selfish than romantic. Taylor is a Sagittarius so these two are actually more or less compatible. However, Sagg ladies can come on strong and one thing they are not known for is their discretion. Hence, Taylor’s recent verbal tirades against her ex. 

You would think that the Jonas Brothers would have learned about crazy Sagittarius ex-girlfriends from baby brother Nick’s much publicized fiasco with Sagg Miley Cyrus. Nick is a Virgo and Virgos tend to be critical and demanding and hard to please in relationships. Miley has more or less said as much about Nick. Big brother Kevin is a Scorpio. Scorpio’s have a very intense need for privacy and are much better able to separate their public and private personas. It is possible that Kevin could fall for a Sagg lady but hopefully he has learned from his brother’s mistakes!