Astrology in the White House


“Professor Marcello Truzzi, a sociologist at Eastern Michigan University who has studied the Reagans’ interest in astrology, said the President was apparently playing down his own fascination with the subject. Mr. Truzzi pointed out that in his autobiography, ”Where’s the Rest of Me,” Mr. Reagan describes the astrologer Carroll Righter as a good friend and relates how he negotiated a contract with Mr. Righter’s advice in mind.”

-Ronald Reagan’s former chief of staff Don Regan

It is well documented that Ronald and Nancy Reagan relied heavily on astrology during their years in the White House, mostly through astrologer Joan Quigley. After the Reagan’s were ’embarrassed’ by this revelation they downplayed their involvement. It goes without saying that throughout the more recent administrations, any relationships with astrologers were kept heavily under wraps. But did they exist? I would be very surprised if they didn’t. If the Obamas are looking for a discreet resident astrologer… I am available!