Playboy Bunnies On the Loose

“The Girls Next Door” is kind of an amazing TV show. I mean, when else do you get to see girls who seem to live in a permanent game of dress up.. planning costume parties, doing photo shoots, baking cupcakes and having slumber parties?? Their life seems way more PG 13 than XXX even though these are Playboy playmates we are talking about. Actually, not playmates, but the girlfriends- now EX-girlfriends- of the famous Hugh Hefner.

Yes, that’s right.. the era of Holly, Kendra and Bridget is coming to an end. In the course of the past few months, Hef has called it off with his #1 girl Holly Madison. This was reportedly on the heels of months of disagreements about whether they could, or should, start a family together. At the end of the day, it was over. Kendra, who drooled over professional athletes throughout her tenure at the Playboy Mansion, is now said to be dating one. Mild mannered Bridget just confirmed to the press that, “Holly and Kendra are moving out of the mansion right now”.

Surprise, surprise.. a restless, libidinous Aries man has decided to move on. Again. Once an Aries man is bored there is no going back. Holly is an ambitious, goal-oriented Capricorn, born December 23. She is now in the throes of experiences Plutos influence on her sun as it transitions into early Capricorn. Big changes, psychologically and emotionally, always accompany this type of Pluto transit. Holly’s priorities are changing. All you early Capricorns get ready!! Kendra, on the other hand is a flirtatious Gemini. While some Geminis express the booky, intellectual side of Gemini, others express the ADD, disorganized side of Gemini. That would be Kendra. Bridget is a fair-minded, diplomatic Libra. She played this role to the max on the show, keeping the peace between all of the people in the house, especially between Holly and Kendra who only barely tolerated one another.

Holly is now dating Vegas playboy Criss Angel, a Sagittarius. Saggs are just as unlikely to make the type of commitments that Capricorns are looking for, as Aries are. Keep looking Holly. Kendra’s Philadelphia Eagles boyfriend, Hank Baskett, is a Virgo. Um. I hate to tell you this Kendra, but fussy clean-freak Virgos are really going to have a hard time tolerating your compulsive messiness. You should keep looking as well. Bridget seems to be the only one making good decisions these days. She is shooting a TV show for The Travel Channel called “Bridget’s Beaches”. Getting paid to travel around the world and frolic at the beach. Nice. Very nice. In my book, it beats hula hooping with Holly and Kendra any day.